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Houseparty is a social networking application designed to connect people and enable easy communication.

The app allows up to eight people to engage in a video chat at once. The group members can access a “Houseparty room” to become part of the video chat.

Users can have multiple rooms and switch between them seamlessly.

If you are part of a Houseparty group, you will receive a notification every time a friend comes online and joins a chat. You can invite your friends to your Houseparty and play games together. 

The app is extremely user-friendly. It is not only easy but also very fun to use.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, social networking apps offering fun and interesting ways of connecting with friends are on the rise, and Houseparty is not different in this regard.

Providing unlimited entertainment during the lockdown, it quickly became one of the most preferred social networking applications for video calls worldwide.


Moreover, the app is secure and does not expose customer data or third-party accounts. So, users can use it without worrying about data breaches or any other security threat.

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Houseparty Customer Support and Care Services

Houseparty app is designed for socializing. However, it does not come without guidelines.

In case you are experiencing bullying while using Houseparty, have a privacy concern, want technical assistance, or simply want to learn more about this fun and functional app, the Houseparty team has got you covered. All you need to do is visit the Official Website of Houseparty

On the website, you can find detailed information and solutions to troubleshoot any technical problems. You can also connect with the Houseparty team for concerns related to security and privacy.

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Download Houseparty

Download Houseparty to get the party started!

Houseparty is a responsive app, which means it works well on all devices. Plus, it is available on multiple platforms. You can learn more about downloading Houseparty here or scroll down to take a look at how to download Houseparty on different apps. 


Contact and Support Information

Are you having trouble using the Houseparty App? Well, there’s nothing to worry about. The Houseparty development team has answers to all your questions.

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FAQs For Houseparty

For general queries, visit the FAQ for Houseparty Page by clicking here. You will find answers to general questions. Find answers to the following and multiple other questions on the FAQ page. 

  • What is Houseparty? 
  • How do I add friends to Houseparty?
  • How do I play games with my friends in Houseparty?  
  • How do I invite friends to Houseparty?
  • How to manage Houseparty notifications? 
  • Is my data safe?   
  • How do I report bullying in Houseparty? 

Help Center

If you need help with technical issues or want to contact support, you can view the Help Center.

The Help Center has two main components, Help Content, and Contact Support. You can view the Help Center by clicking here.


Help Content 

You can click on the Help Content Icon to troubleshoot technical issues on your own. From how to reset your Houseparty password to technical troubleshooting, this section covers everything. You can find the following information. 

  • How to use your Houseparty account 
  • Technical support and troubleshooting   
  • Information on Behavior and how to report someone on Houseparty
  • Houseparty privacy policy. 

Contact Support

The other option available is Contact Support. Click on the Contact Support Icon to view the contact form. Fill in the required fields, including name, email address, the area you need help with, and any other information that you may want to add. Submit the form. Houseparty customer support representatives will contact you in a swift manner.  


All Houseparty members are required to follow certain guidelines when using the Houseparty application. The guidelines issued by the Houseparty team cover the following topics. 

  • TL;DR
  • Party Rules 
  • Bullying 
  • Trolling and Impersonation 
  • Threats   
  • Nudity 

You can read the guidelines in detail by clicking here

Social Media Handles 


You can connect with Houseparty on the following social media platforms.

The Bottom Line

The Houseparty app offers nonstop entertainment. However, make sure you use it responsibly, following all the guidelines provided by the team.

Be a responsible member and help the Houseparty team create a fun and healthy community for all members!

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