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HONOR is a bellwether global brand that produces hi-tech gadgets and devices for the youth around the world. Incorporating cutting-edge technology with minimalistic design, HONOR truly honors the young generation with gadgets that are not just smart in performance but also appearance.

With the idea being conceived in 2011, HONOR was formed in 2013 as the sub-brand of the Huawei Group. HONOR became the trendsetter of the mobile internet era and has been catering to the needs of the youth ever since.

The brand has experienced a massive boom in its demand in the last 5 years in Canada and all around the world. In fact, the mobile brand has become the Number 1, top-ranking smartphone brand in China, which is proof of its unrivalled performance.

The secret behind HONOR’s accelerated growth is the diligence of the masterminds behind it. With the team’s focus on introducing trailblazing technologies in the gadgets, HONOR has maintained a position way ahead of the industry.

It has particularly outstripped its contemporaries by introducing the first-ever Al smartphone in 2016, which has enabled the brand to take data and identity security to a whole new level.

What sets HONOR apart as the trendsetter in the Mobile Internet industry is its adaptability to the rapidly changing market dynamics, which allows the brand to cater to the needs of the young generation more effectively. By introducing diverse, bright and vibrant elements of life into its mobile technology, HONOR gives the users a taste of the real world within their virtual reality.

If you wish to get in touch with HONOR, then take a look at the various methods of reaching out to them!

The Online Self-Help Platform

HONOR Canada’s ‘Support Page’ offers a list of self-help options that you can utilize for your assistance. The features are divided into 3 categories, making it easy for you to choose the type of solution that is relevant to your problem. Once you select one of the categories, you’ll be able to access the solution to your problem.

Category 1: Get to Know Your Product

By selecting this category, you’ll be able to access the product manual, usage tips, methods for upgrading the system and more.

Category 2: Find Solutions to Your Problems

This category will provide you with the answers to frequently asked questions and troubleshooting.

The subsections of this category include:

Hot Issues

  • Integrated Social Networks
  • Introduction to Fingerprint Recognition
  • Introduction to Huawei Share


  • Why does my tablet repeatedly restart while charging?
  • What do I do if I forgot my passwords?
  • How do I use message notification?
  • Why is a watermark added automatically to my photos?
  • Why does my Wi-Fi keep disconnecting?
  • How do I connect two phones?
  • Does my brand support alarm synchronization?
  • Does my brand’s screen support touch operations?

There are plenty of other problems that each of the sub-section deals with. To find solutions to your problems, you will have to visit them individually.

In case you’re unable to find these sections helpful, you can click the ‘Search for answers here’ tab below.

Category 3: Get After-Sales Services

By selecting this category, you will be redirected to a service center that is closest to your location. This category deals with requests for repair, warranty period inquiries and more.

To attain HONOR’s customer support services, visit https://www.hihonor.com/ca/support/.

E-mailing the Customer Support Agents

HONOR also offers direct customer support services via email. To reach out to the brand’s agents or representatives, you can send in an e-mail at honorglobal@hihonor.com from Monday to Friday.

In addition, you can also reach out to the local service center station based on your current location. You can look up the closest service station based on your province and city of residence, or you can use the satellite map to locate the service center station closest to your location.

To find the service center station nearest to your destination, visit https://www.hihonor.com/ca/support/service-center/.

Calling Customer Support Agents

One of the most popular ways of reaching out to customer support agents is via the phone network. Not only is this the fastest way of communication, but it is also the most effective one as it helps you resolve your problems there and then.

To connect with the brand’s representatives via the Mobile Hotline, dial 1-888-548-2934.

The Mobile Hotline representatives are available from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 9 pm. However, on the weekends, the availability differs according to the days.

On Saturday, you can reach out to them between 9 am and 7 pm, while on the Sundays, you can contact them between 9 am and 6 pm for assistance and inquiries. The customer service representatives cater to your needs in English and French.

Connecting with the Customer Service Agents via E-Mail, Hotline and Post

Since HONOR is the sub-brand of Huawei, you will have to reach out to the customer support agents at Huawei to attain support for HONOR. Based on your city and province, you can connect with the agents through e-mail, hot line or post.

Canada. Toronto

  • Tel: +1-905-944-5000
  • Fax: +1-905-944-5027
  • Postal/ Location Address: 19, Allstate Parkway, 4th Floor, Markham, ON, L3R 5A4, Canada

Canada. Ottawa R&D Center

  • Tel: +1-613-595-1900
  • Fax: +1-613-595-1901
  • Post/ Location Address: Suite 400, 303 Terry Fox Drive, Kanata, Ontario K2k 3J1

Canada. Huawei Device Customer Support (Canada Only)

Hours of Operation: 7:00am -10:00pm (US Eastern Standard Time)

You can also connect with the representatives by filling in the “Drop Us a Message” form to start the live chat. To submit your queries for live chat support, visit https://www.huawei.com/ca/contact-us.

Connecting with the Customer Service Agents via Media

To connect with the representative via the media, you will have to reach out to Benjamin James Daniel Howes.

Social Media

To connect with HONOR on social media, you can visit its profile on the following platforms:

You can share your feedback or seek assistance for your problems via social media platforms!

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