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Created in 1995, Healthy Planet is geared towards helping its customers achieve overall health and wellness. This is why they provide various high-quality vitamins and supplements to improve your lifestyle and help you live a healthy life. What started out as a small kiosk in a mall in Toronto has turned into a big shop with branches at various locations.

You can find whichever kind of supplements and vitamins you need based on your goals, needs, and lifestyle habits. They have products geared toward everyone, including adults, children, infants, and pets. Therefore, their products include weightlifting supplements, natural cosmetics, diet products, and herbal products.

Besides this, they also have a variety of bath products. At Healthy Planet, they don’t just sell products, but they sell a holistic, nutritional, and healthy lifestyle. You can visit their website for all information you need on their products and how you can start using them.

Healthy Planet is committed to not just providing the highest quality of products to its consumers but also providing them with impeccable customer care. They do all this to ensure that their customers remain satisfied with each aspect of the product and service Healthy Planet provides. The company believes in maintaining a lifelong relationship with its customers.

For this reason, they want to provide the best of everything to their customers. If you have any questions, queries, or concerns that you want to share with Healthy Planet, you can easily do that through various ways.

Call or Send an Email to Healthy Planet

For instance, you can directly speak to a customer care staff member by calling on their number. You can call them for any information you need.

  • 1-888-974-4722

Moreover, if you need to find out about Healthy Planet’s products, you can also call their online store. This number is specifically for their online store in Canada, which deals with buying their vitamins and supplements.

Hence, you should call this number if you want to know about any of their products and want to purchase them. This number is:

  • (416) 640-5713.

Lastly, another excellent way of contacting Healthy Planet is by emailing them. You can share any of your concerns or queries with them, and they will definitely get back to you at their earliest. Their email address is:


Other Useful Resources from Healthy Planet

If email and call are not how you want to get in touch with Healthy Planet, there are other resources that you can make use of. Since Healthy Planet is dedicated to serving its customers and answering any of their concerns, they have also created this section on its website. It contains all the resources the customers might need.

These valuable resources can all be accessed online through their official website. Simply visit their website and go to their Customer Service tab. It contains various categories under which you would find helpful information to enhance your customer experience. Over there, you will find the following resources:


If you have placed an order with Healthy Planet but need information regarding the delivery or anything about the product, you should visit this page. It answers all of the common questions customers may have, such as those regarding wholesale and resale of their products, medical and fitness advice, shipping information, and more.

Domestic Shipping

You can get free domestic shipping if you place an order above $59.99 at Healthy Planet.

This section not only tells you about the estimated delivery time for domestic orders but also answers any questions you might have regarding shipping. If you are looking for shipping discounts or wondering why your order has not arrived yet, you should check out this section.

International Shipping

Need information regarding international shipping at Healthy Planet? If so, then visit this section of their Customer Service category. It contains everything you need to know about the cost, the estimated delivery time, and any fees or clearance charges customers must pay.

Request a Product

You can visit this section if you are searching for a Healthy Planet product but cannot find it at stores or online. Here, you can make special requests for products. The purchasing department at Healthy Planet will review your request and do its best to fulfill your order.

Volume Discount

Customers can also order their favorite Healthy Planet products in bulk. This is why the company has created this special section where you can find information on the discounts you would be provided if you buy large quantities of Healthy Planet.

Return Policy

One aspect that makes Healthy Planet’s customer service excellent is its Return Policy. The company wants to ensure that all of its customers are satisfied with the purchase they have made.

If for any reason, customers are not satisfied with their purchase, they can always return it and get a refund.

You should visit this section for information about their return policy and how to avail of it.


Lastly, Healthy Planet also answers all of the general questions that customers might have. These can include everything, including their orders, products, returns, and more. Before you make an effort to contact Healthy Planet, it is recommended that you visit this section first. Chances are that your queries may already have been answered under this section.

Healthy Planet Social Media Presence

Healthy Planet has been around for a long time, which is why it has amassed a large following on its social media platforms. They have several social media profiles, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

The company has over 50,000 followers on these social media platforms in total. Here, you can get in touch with them or stay informed regarding all of their new products or updates.

Final Words

Healthy Planet is determined to make individuals lead healthier and holistic lifestyles. It does this by providing excellent, high-quality vitamins and supplements.

If you have any questions or concerns you want to voice, you can get in touch with the company through the many ways mentioned in this guide.

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