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A family-run business since the beginning, Harmony is a brand that aims to share love, happiness, and the most special memories between its customers. It does this through the high quality, personalized, and unique jewelry pieces and accessories sourced worldwide. It also sells excellent quality and beautiful apparel pieces.

The company embodies perfection and attention to detail in everything it does. Moreover, it also aims to ensure it reduces its overall carbon footprint in the world and be more environmentally aware. Following from this, Harmony also aims to deliver perfection in the customer support services it provides, mainly through its website.

In this guide, we will take a deep dive into all the ways Harmony does this and how you can contact the company if need be. Let’s begin!

Harmony Website

One of the major ways that customers are catered to is through Harmony’s minimalist and aesthetic official website. It truly embodies everything the company stands for: aesthetics, simplicity, and quality. When you visit their homepage, you will see the following categories:

  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Rings
  • Nose
  • Bracelet
  • Apparel
  • Shop
  • Design Studio
  • About

The homepage also features beautiful images of modeling donning the high-quality jewelry pieces and apparel sold by the company. Harmony prides itself in providing ethically and locally produced items found in third-world companies, helping the environment and local communities all at the same time.

Contacting Harmony

If you wish to speak to their customer service staff directly, there are several different ways you can do so via their website. You will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘Contact’ tab. It will then redirect you to a form that you can fill out. You will need to enter your personal information, any questions or comments you have with the company, and the subject.

Returns and Exchanges

Suppose you want to contact Harmony customer support services to discuss a return or exchange of a Harmony product. You can directly click on their ‘Returns and Exchanges’ tab. When you visit this page, it contains the returns and exchange policies regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moreover, it also shows their nose and body jewelry policy, which are all final sales and cannot be returned or exchanged.

If you have received a damaged or incomplete item, you can let them know by emailing them at:

You can also directly call them on their waterloo location if you wish to inquire about returns and exchanges:

  • (519)746-0737.

Lastly, Harmony offers curbside exchanges and returns at their stores since most of them are shut down for physical shopping due to the pandemic.

Locating A Harmony Store

Visiting a Harmony store has been made convenient by the brand’s thorough website. It contains a specific tab that includes details of all the Harmony stores in the country. Each location has the store’s exact address, contact number, and map to guide you in reaching the store.

Email Updates and Newsletters

Want to get insider information about the company, exclusive deals, and offers, or any updates related to Harmony? Then you can scroll down their website and enter your email and details. You will instantly be signed up for their exclusive email updates and not miss out on any sales!

Harmony Social Media

The brand is also quite active on all of its social media handles and posts frequent beautiful and aesthetic pictures of models and customers wearing Harmony’s jewelry and apparel.

Not only that, but they also post updates about current sales and deals they are offering. You can even contact them via their social media if you have any questions or feedback, and they are likely to get back to you at their latest.

You can follow Harmony on the following social media handles:

Harmony FAQ

Before you contact Harmony to ask a question you have in mind, perhaps you can visit their FAQ section. Chances are, your queries will have already been answered in this section. The questions included here are about their return policies, order cancellations, and where you can find their items you saw on their Instagram.

The Harmony Shop

Besides selling jewelry items, the environmentally-conscious jewelry brand also sells the following:

Gift Cards

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your friend but don’t know what to buy for them, you can also get them a Harmony gift card. This will allow them to purchase items according to their choice. The Harmony website gives you the chance to buy a gift card that will never expire and ranges from $25 to $100.

Greeting Cards

Apart from jewelry and apparel, you can also get cute and funny greeting cards separately or accompany the items if you plan on gifting them to someone special. They have cards for every occasion and with hilarious puns. You can select a category or type of card you are looking to buy and find one you like the most.


Another ideal gifting item you can get from the Harmony website is their quirky mugs. These are aesthetic, cute, and full of puns.


The company sells more than jewelry, mugs, apparel, and cards. It also sells cute accessories that are perfect for gifting or personal use. Visit their accessories section to find out more.

Parting Words

Harmony is one of Canada’s most popular jewelry stores that sell minimalist and beautiful pieces suitable for everyone. This guide provided information about all the contents on their website and the different ways you can contact the company’s customer service staff. You can send them an email, fill out their contact form, call them or drop them a message on their social media handles. They are sure to get back to you at their latest!

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