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Hakim Optical is one of the most popular optical care chains in Canada. An Iranian immigrant to Canada, Karim Hakimi, founded this company in Toronto in 1967. Hakimi’s biography is well known to many Canadians, and the country has honored him on numerous occasions for his amazing success story. Hakimi was born in Iran in 1933, but he was forced to stop schooling early due to the death of his father.

To support his family, Hakimi learned how to grind glass into lenses. When he turned 14, he went back to school, and then traveled to Germany and Switzerland to better learn the art of lens crafting. He finally ended up in Toronto where he opened his first lens-grinding establishment in the city’s Elwood Hotel. Since then, Hakimi’s company has spread to over 150 locations in eastern Canada. Hakim Optical specializes in eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses.

Hakim customer support

Canadians have many options for getting in touch with Hakim Optical. The easiest method is to just call this toll free number (877) 524-2020.

Hakim customer service canadaIf you’re having problems with this toll free number, or if you just feel like using another method to get in touch with Hakim Optical, take a look at these useful links below.

  • This is Hakim Optical’s official “Contact Us” page. All you have to do is type in your name, phone number, email, and then write out your question/concern. After you hit the “Submit” button, you should receive a response within a few days.
  • For those out there who just want to find out where the closest Hakim Optical store is to their home, check out this “Store Locator” page. Type in your current location, click the “Search” button, and then you’ll see a bunch of stores pop up on the map below. On the left-hand side you’ll see the telephone numbers, fax numbers, hours of operation, and email addresses for each store.
  • Everyone loves a coupon, right? Well, if you want to shop at Hakim Optical in the future, it’s worth your while to check out this official coupons page. Print out a few useful coupons before you head on out to get your new frames. Who knows, you could save a great deal of money.
  • Hakim Optical is so popular that it has its own YouTube page. In addition to ads for the company, there are many helpful “tips” videos that could give you some crucial info on the company.

For those out there who want to send a handwritten letter to Hakim Optical, take down this address:

128 Hazelton Ave
Toronto, ON
M5R 2E5, Canada

You can also reach this home office using the telephone number (416) 924-5600.

Hakim Optical is involved on a whole bunch of social media sites. Facebook users can “friend” Hakim Optical on this webpage. People who love to tweet can follow Hakim Optical’s tweets on this page. Instagram users can take a peek at Hakim Optical’s page right here. And, lastly, Hakim Optical’s Pinterest page is located right here.

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