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Are you looking for an extraordinarily safe and cheap way to travel inter-city? Are you tired of transportation methods which aggravate your travel sickness and are hoping for a ride that is smooth and satisfying from the start till the end?

When it comes to safe, secure, and cheap modes of transportation, Greyhound Canada is a name that stands out bright and proud.

A name which is almost 100 years old in the industry with a reputation to reckon with, Greyhound Canada has a rich history of leaving travelers gleaming with superior standards.

Starting operations in 1929 with a fleet of only four buses running two routes, Greyhound Canada has grown to become synonymous with inter-city travel. Known during its inception as Canadian Greyhound, the business quickly gained popularity and relevance by offering a cheaper alternative to traditional travelling methods.

The company started something profoundly unique in the transportation industry by initiating inter-city bus travelling at a time when commercial buses did not even exist. After the sale of the business to the USA by 1940, and renaming it to Western Canadian Greyhound Lines Ltd, the company has only grown stronger since.

As a Canadian, when you wish to travel stress-free, Greyhound in Canada is a trustworthy brand that lives up to its promises. The rides are outstandingly comfortable and the journeys free from luggage and baggage related worries.

If you are interested in getting in touch with Greyhound Canada’s Customer Support Services, or are simply looking to contact Greyhound Canada’s helpline and customer support numbers, look no further.

Whether you want to gain information for your upcoming trip or your previous ones, this checklist will be immensely helpful for you. Here is all you need to contact Greyhound Canada’s Customer Support Services.

Customer Support Touch Points

A traveller’s ultimate satisfaction is of utmost importance to Greyhound Canada; hence, Greyhound Canada’s Customer Support Services are prepared to be highly specific to issues most commonly experienced by inter-city travelers.

Whether you are interested in gaining knowledge about routes, luggage handling, or on refunds, Greyhound in Canada has a wide-ranging customer support system established for every unique problem.

When you need to register an inquiry or call for support, Greyhound Canada gives the word seamless services a positively new meaning.


Greyhound Canada’s Customer Support Services extensively depend on online and electric communication for providing customer support. Options to contact the representatives are briefly listed on their official website.

When you need to inquire about specific issues, whether they are related to customer service issues or others, you can find information on their FAQ section or send in requests for representative response through the website.


If you believe in the power of traditional mail for customer support, Greyhound in Canada offers a chance to avail this option as well. Apart from online inquiries, you may send in your questions or feedback on the company mailing address in Canada.

The Mailing address for Greyhound Canadais:

Greyhound Canada Transportation ULC 
Toronto Coach Terminal
610 Bay Street, 2nd floor
Toronto, ON M5G 1M5

Please note, due to the inherent structure of the traditional mailing system, the response rate may differ in contrast to the online customer support system.

Email and Electronic Communication

Greyhound Canada truly supports the idea of a seamless customer support experience. Hence they have set up contact points for specific travel related issues.

You may form a communication link with the customer support representatives through specific online forms. These forms work similarly to an email to deliver you with a prompt response from the company. These specific forms can be accessed below:

Specific Customer Service Issues

Customer support representatives of Greyhound in Canada can be contacted for issues related to problems other than luggage or refunds through an email. Send your queries or concerns by simply clicking here.

Quotes and Customer Service Issues

To contact representatives for issues related to customer support and quotes, you can send an email to Greyhound Canada by clicking here.

Customer Assistance

With Greyhound in Canada, you can send a customer assistance request by filling in an online form. To send in your request with relevant information regarding your customer ticket number and a description of the situation, simply click here.

Baggage handling Issues

Greyhound in Canada offers its travelers the option to send in a baggage handling request or gather information relating to baggage handling issues. For a response to your specific request Click herefor the form.

Information on Baggage location

Now you can acquire further information on baggage through the baggage locator form. Send in relevant information about baggage claim numbers, location of departure and arrival, and more to Greyhound Canada. Simply click here for the form.

Information on Refunds

You have the option to learn more about ticket refunds and costs by sending a query to Greyhound Canada.This form is not meant for applying for a refund and hence must be used only for gaining general information related to the refund desk and refund policies. If you wish to access the form for such queries, click here.

Information on Charter Services

Greyhound Services can also be availed for chartering. You have the option to send in a quotation through an online form. Additionally, you can inform the relevant information on departure and arrival too. You can access the form by clicking here.

Information for Fare and Schedule

You may gather bus fare and price information by sending a request to the schedule and fare information online desk through an email. For full details on fares per location and more, simply send in an email at:

Website Support

If you feel you have encountered any glitch or issues with the website and need further support, you may send in your feedback at the following

Phone Call Options

Greyhound Canada understands the need to be available to its customers for all travel related problems that might ensue. For this purpose, Greyhound Canada offers the opportunity to its customers to speak with live agents regarding their specific issues with the service.

To speak with a customer care representative, you need to call specific numbers which direct towards a suitable solution. It is recommended to stay on the line and call the correct numbers for a better response. These numbers are:

Customer Assistance

You can get in touch withGreyhound Canada and speak to live agents by calling their helpline which is available from every Monday to Sunday. It is recommended to contact them between working hours from 5 am to 11 pm at Central Time Zone at this number:

1-877-GO-DOG-GO (1-877-463-6446)

Commercial Services and Corporate Travel

To speak to a representative of Greyhound Canada for assistance in setting up an account or related inquiries, call the helpline. Representatives are available on call from every Monday to Tuesday during working hours from 7 am to 7 pm at Central Time Zone. The number is:


Information for Fare and Schedule

For information regarding travel fares or schedule of routes, you may contact the representatives at:

1-800-661-TRIP (8747)

Website Support

If the website is giving trouble or has you encountering glitches, then you may contact this number for support or feedback:


Greyhound Package Express

For further information on Package express, contact:

1-877-GO-DOG-GO (1-877-463-6446)

Hearing Impaired

If you would like assistance and interact comfortably, you may contact this number:


Greyhound Corporate Communication

For more information or to speak to a Greyhound Canada representative, contact:


Social Media Pages

Would it not be great to stay updated on Greyhound Canada in real time? How about being able to access them and give your feedback any time of the day?

Now it is possible to stay connected with your favourite mode of transport by connecting with Greyhound Canada on social media. Their social media pages are active 24/7 to share information on the latest routes, journeys, and fare changes.

If you wish to scroll through the official social media pages of Greyhound in Canada, post feedback on your recent journey or inquire about your next planned trip, then simply click the links below.

News Room and Press Releases

Are you interested in gaining information on what is the latest buzz at Greyhound Canada? Or are you interested in learning about possible route changes or shifts in their planned routes?

Greyhound understands the importance of relaying timely information and updates about their company. You can stay updated with Greyhound in Canada by visiting the newsroom section on their website.

You can gain information on the latest press releases and announcements through their newsroom section on the website. Browse through previously released news by simply scrolling through the Greyhound Canada list of news articles.

Check out what is happening with Greyhound in Canadaand access the newsroom by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Greyhound Canada has also listed the most frequently asked questions on its website for the convenience of its customers. If you have any questions regarding the company, the prices, fares, tickets, and journeys, you can simply check out the FAQ section by clicking here.

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