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GoPro was founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman – a skier, surfer, and motorsports enthusiast in an attempt to film himself and his friends surfing in a better way.

What started with a 35mm camera and a wrist strap made out of plastic straps and old wetsuits has now transformed into a global business that has sold more than 26 million GoPro cameras in over 100 countries.

GoPro aims to allow its customers to freely celebrate the moment and inspire others to do the same. From camera to accessories and apps, everything GoPro does is geared to help its customers capture live as they live it and share their experiences.

GoPro believes that sharing one’s experiences makes them more enjoyable and adds meaning to them.

What Does GoPro Sell?

Here is a list of products available at GoPro’s online store:

  • Cameras including HERO9 Black, HERO8 Black, HERO7 Black, and MAX
  • Accessories including mounts, mods, batteries, cases, and protection
  • Lifestyle gear including backpacks, bags, cases, and clothing
  • Lighting equipment

GoPro Customer Support Services

GoPro allows its customers to connect with its customer services team in several different ways. For further details, read below.

Find A Local Shop

GoPro has a “Find A Local Shop” button placed right at the bottom of its webpage that leads to the Store Locator page. Here customers can easily find authorized GoPro sellers situated near them.

All they have to do is enter their zip or city, state along with the radius within which they want the store to be located (5, 25, 100, or 500 miles).

Once customers enter these details and hit search, they’ll get the name of the store, how far it’s located, the address, and the phone number of the store. Customers will also be able to view the store’s location on Google Maps.

Contact GoPro

GoPro has a Contact Us page that customers can go to in order to speak with GoPro’s customer services team.

However, customers can only contact them during their business hours: from Monday to Friday 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM; Saturday to Sunday 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM (GMT-08:00) Pacific Standard Time (America / Los Angeles)

The GoPro Contact Us page even allows customers to check the status of their GoPro order or request a return for their eligible order.

Last but not least, customers can access the GoPro Support Hub from the Contact Us page.

GoPro Support Hub

The GoPro Support Hub is a webpage where customers can ask questions, share answers, and find a solution to their problems. Customers can access this page from either the Contact Us page or by clicking on the headset icon located at the top right corner of GoPro’s webpage.

Once customers have entered their query in the search panel, they can get comprehensive answers to their problems.

The right side of the GoPro Support Hub page has tabs such as Help Articles, Discussions, GoPro Resources, and more.

Help Articles

GoPro’s Help Articles page is very much similar to a Frequently Asked Questions page. It features several articles published by GoPro to facilitate customers. Some of these articles include:

  • How to use your GoPro as a Webcam
  • How to live stream from your GoPro
  • How to import camera files to a computer – Mac
  • How to update camera firmware in Quik for desktop.

The search bar located towards the top of the page allows visitors to easily search for any related article.


GoPro has separate Discussion pages for cameras, mounts + accessories, GoPro apps, etc. These pages allow customers to ask any question that they like and get responses from members of GoPro’s customer support team.

GoPro’s Social Media Presence

GoPro uses plenty of social media platforms to maintain a strong online presence. This encompasses pages/accounts/channels on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube


GoPro’s Instagram page features images and pictures from GoPro’s family. GoPro frequently hosts challenges and competitions such as the $1 Million Challenge, #GoProSnow Challenge on its Instagram page where GoPro users can participate in and win exciting rewards. Customers can either message GoPro privately or comment underneath their pictures.


GoPro’s Facebook page was created in 2009 and is replete with details about GoPro’s products, highlights from the challenges that they host, and pictures of the day.

GoPro even has a Shop on its Facebook page to showcase its products along with their prices. Customers can even browse through GoPro’s collections and sort and filter products according to relevance.


GoPro maintains a strong presence on Twitter as well and features content that shows users using GoPro to film themselves as they surf, ski, or engage in other thrilling sports activities.


You can also engage with GoPro on their Pinterest page that features a lot of user-generated content. However, the Saved tab includes plenty of boards that GoPro has created to inspire its users such as the #GoProGirl, Family Time, Globetrotting, Underwater World, GoPro Animals, Yoga Journey, Lake Life, etc.


GoPro’s YouTube channel has plenty of product-related videos, user videos, and other fun, entertaining, and inspiring content.

GoPro Account

Customers can create an account on GoPro to access benefits such as exclusive savings on cameras, camera replacement without any questions, and more.

GoPro Order Status

Customers who have placed an order for GoPro’s products can simply check their order status here. Simply enter your email address and order number and get all the details about your GoPro order including its status and tracking information.


The Feedback page allows customers to share their comments, complaints, praise about GoPro.

Last Few Words

GoPro offers excellent customer support services to ensure that its customers receive the best quality services. It has numerous platforms that customers can use to get in touch with them and share their suggestions, queries, and complaints.

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5 reviews

  1. I mistakenly placed an order for a GoPro and called them immediately to cancel or change the address was incorrect. The customer service agent told me okay, no problem, all set. I canceled, and you are good. It’s canceled. After three days got an email delivered. They told me that was a mistake. I am going to issue a ticket to refund you the money.
    They have been paying me for a month and no response. Finally, today they are telling me we can’t track the package. Sorry, we can’t do anything. First, they are not easy to be contacted. Second, they are not able to answer or solve the problem for customers. Please don’t buy from GoPro directly. The brand is good, but the customer service is worst.

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    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
  2. STAY AWAY from this outfit. NONE of the “customer service” contacts wor. Probably because they don’t have customer service. I tried to order a Hero 09 and it would not take either of my charge cards and says pay “another way” but gave me no choices on what that “other way” was. I have emailed, called and written to no avail. It would seem to me that if a person wanted to spend over $500 with you then you should have some way for them to send you the money and get the product. This is beyond poor service–money down the drain if you were unfortunate to send them any or to try and get service on your product.

    1 person found it useful.
    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
  3. Worst customer service ever! They are having problems with my order and sent me an email with a number to call. The number tells me to go online for support. I go online for support and get someone in the phillipines who says they can’t help me. Ugh!

    1 person found it useful.
    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
  4. Literally the worst brand I have had the misfortune of dealing with. Even after buying their products for several years, there is literally NO ONE replying to any customer service emails. The customer service chat DOES NOT WORK, the app DOES NOT WORK, my camera DOES NOT WORK, and NO ONE is interested in helping me with any of these issues. I have emailed almost 10 times and NEVER had a singe response except the automated repsonse that claims I’ll get an email in 28 days or something. Laughable!
    Do yourself a favour and choose a brand which has an understanding of what customer service is. Do everyone else a favour and encourage them to avoid what is essentially a scam.

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  5. I bought my GoPro hero 5 3 weeks ago. Two weeks ago I went on a cruise and the back screen started to go blank. I turned it off and took out the battery which worked the first 2 times. After that the back screen failed to show the image it was directed at. I tried calling the contact phone number but I could never get through. Please let me know what I have to do to fix the problem. Do I have to send it in for repairs? Thanks.
    -Peter Tam.

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