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GoDaddy is one of the most popular domain sellers and hosting providers. Their products are well known around the world.

There are many ways for you to get in contact with customer support representatives from GoDaddy. In fact, there are so many that you may need help finding them or deciding which one is most worth the trouble.

This article lists all the options GoDaddy puts at your disposal. They are listed in order of popularity and use.

Contact by Phone

If you want to place a phone call and talk to a GoDaddy representative for Canada you can do so at the following numbers.

  1. 866 938 1119 this is only accessible within Canada. It is for English speakers and comes with 24/7 support.
  2. 844 494 9065 this number is for French speakers. It is accessible anytime between 08:00 and 20:00.

Both numbers are toll free, but fees may apply for some mobile phone plans.

Live Chat

It’s always nice to have a live chat option and GoDaddy has this feature on their website.

There are two ways you can get in touch with a representative to have a chat. You can either click the purple pop-up on the bottom right corner, or click on the contact button at the top of the page.

Once you initiate a live chat, a separate tab will appear. You will receive a notification that informs you of your position in the queue. An estimate regarding wait time will also be given to you. When a representative becomes available, you will be messaged.

If you are new to their webpage, chances are that a live chat popup will appear in the middle of your screen. This will happen when a representative is already available to answer questions. This is probably the fastest way to get your questions answered.

Keep in mind that this pop-up will only appear on the GoDaddy homepage. If you are browsing the help section, you won’t have that option.

GoDaddy Help Page

The first thing you will notice is that once you access the help page you are given the chance to start a live chat or call the support line. Both previously mentioned communication methods are conveniently listed next to each other.

If you don’t need to have a live conversation, then there are other ways for you to get answers. A search box is available and you can find the relevant articles based on your keyword searches. It searches the entire topics and categories directory on GoDaddy and lists the results in order of relevance.

You can browse through guides and previously answered questions by individually selecting a category. This can either be domain, payment, hosting or account management related. Apart from the most commonly searched ones, you are given the opportunity to list more.

GoDaddy Community Forums

At the bottom of the help page, you will find a link to the GoDaddy community forums.

This will take you offsite to an area designated to assist both newcomers and long-time members. You can use the search function on the forum to narrow down topics or browse through the existing threads.

There you will be able to seek advice from GoDaddy staff members and experienced users. Sometimes browsing the forum may be more fruitful than waiting in line for a live chat.

You probably won’t receive a reply to a thread as quickly as you would like, but there is a chance for opening up a long-term discussion about something that either interests or concerns you.

Contacting Support through Social Media

At the bottom of their page, you can find the logos that will lead you to follow GoDaddy on social media sites. This gives you more options of asking for help or registering a complaint.


Once redirected to their Twitter account, you will be able to tweet them any issues you are experiencing or questions that need to be answered. You can expect a reply via private message from someone at GoDaddy.

Their response time is not listed on the page, so it may not be as fast as using the live chat option or giving them a phone call.


After clicking on the Facebook icon, you will land on the official GoDaddy Facebook page. The information section will list a telephone number based on your IP address.

This means that while logging in from inside Canada you will be given either the English or French phone line. They are the same 24/7 ones previously mentioned.

There is also the option to post something on the community tab or send a private message. You will be contacted in private by a representative from their support center with how to proceed further.

Some issues can be resolved on the spot while others may require more time. Depending on the situation you may be asked for more contact information.


You can also be redirected to their official YouTube channel. While most of the videos show some sort of advertising content, there are also helpful tutorials. You can learn to better navigate their website by watching some of these short clips.

On the featured channels list, you can click to reach the dedicated GoDaddy Canada channel. This offers both English and French videos.


Although it’s not used as a support platform, Instagram can also help you get a message across to GoDaddy. Their official page can be accessed via the logo on the bottom of their homepage and if you have an Instagram account, you will be allowed to send a private message request.

This is an option, but it is not as viable as the ones previously mentioned.

Language Support

Because of Canada’s bilingual population, you have the option of viewing the website in English or French. At the bottom of the page, there is a small globe logo next to the country name and selected language. Clicking on that can let you switch to whichever language you prefer.

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