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One of the most popular and innovative casual restaurants in the world has to be Freshii. It aims to provide nutritional, and as the name suggests, fresh meals to citizens of the world. The restaurant is known for its constantly evolving menu and staples like burritos, salads, soups, and frozen yogurt.

The owner of the chain, Matthew Corrin, was inspired by the fresh and hip delis of New York that lacked management, organization and effective branding. He thus came up with Freshii, which incorporates all that he noticed missing in other delis.

Not only do they serve delicious and nutritious meals, snacks, and juices, the restaurant is also eco-friendly and aims to save the environment by reducing its carbon footprint. All in all, this chain of over 300 restaurants is committed to energizing its consumers with healthy meals and improves the environment.

What makes this chain even better and successful is its exemplary customer care services via its official website. If you wish to contact the customer care team of Freshii or place an order, it’s extremely simple and convenient. Let’s take a look at all the ways you can do so.

Contacting Freshii

One of the ways you can contact Freshii is by directly sending them an email at Besides this, you can also visit their website if you wish to share any feedback or have a query.

When you visit their website and scroll down to the bottom, you will find their ‘Contact Us’ tab. By clicking on it, you will be redirected to their page. This contains several categories of your visit’s nature, for example, why you would want to contact them. Depending on your reason, you can click on any of them. These include:

  • Help with an order
  • Help with an account
  • Help with rewards and offers
  • Help with gift card
  • Help with referral
  • Help with payments
  • General feedback
  • Others

If your nature of the query or complaint does not relate to any of these specific categories, you can choose the others category. By clicking on any of these categories, there will be a pop-up that you can fill with relevant information about yourself and details of your order (if any), as well as space for you to write down your comment, query, or complaint.

Freshii Website

The casual Canadian restaurant’s official website is thorough and contains everything you need to know about placing an online order or locating a nearby franchise restaurant. The following categories are present on their homepage:

  • Locations
  • Rewards and Offers
  • Gift Cards
  • Catering

When you visit their website, you would also be provided with the option of placing an online order for food or downloading the Freshii app that is available on Android and IOS devices. Let’s take a closer look at each of these above categories:

Locating a Freshii Restaurant

When you click on their locations tab, the website uses your device’s location to find the nearest Freshii restaurant to you and shows its exact address on the map. You can even choose whether you want to pick up your order or receive a delivery. Moreover, the website also shows a list of restaurants open right now and typically available.

Rewards & Offers

Freshii also offers a number of exciting and unique reward programs to its customers, which you can avail of through their website. For example, you can collect ‘veggie points’ every time you make an order via the Freshii website. Once you accumulate ten of these points, you can get $5 off your next online order.

On this rewards and offers tab, you can also keep a check of your current balance of rewards by logging in.

Gift Cards

With a Freshii online or physical gift card, you can add any amount of dollars to them to give to your friends and family. Moreover, on this tab, you can also check your gift card’s current balance by entering its details.

Freshii Catering

The Canadian chain also offers catering services for parties and other occasions. The tab specifies the different food options provided by them, including group salads, wrap platters, sides, and a salad bar. If you want to get Freshii to cater for you, use this page to contact them. It contains a form that you fill out with details about yourself, location, and comments, if any.


The chain of restaurants also has a convenient FAQ page that is also extremely thorough. It contains a list of common questions a customer would have when locating a Freshii restaurant, placing an order, tracking information, payment details, etc.

Freshii Social Media

This hip and environmentally conscious chain of restaurants are also pretty active on social media. In case you want to share your comments, feedback or ask them a query via social media, you can get in touch with them on the following social media platforms:

Franchise Opportunities at Freshii

Do you want to own a Freshii franchise in Canada and become a partner? Well, you can visit their Franchise tab on their website to find out how you can do that. The chain is located in over 400 places, across 85+ cities and 16 countries.

The restaurant is thus constantly expanding and looking for franchisees. You can reach out to them and find out more details via this tab. This tab also contains their application form, wherein you will need to add your details, area of interest, business experience, liquid capital, and more.

The Bottom Line

This was everything you needed to know about contacting Canada’s favorite fresh and nutritious food chain. The company has a constantly evolving and unique menu; it also considers its carbon footprint and acts environmentally consciously. You can always email them, contact them through their social media platforms, or visit their official website to get in touch with them.

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  1. I have been ordering freshi for quite some time now and have always been a fan of the spicy lemongrass soup..unfortunately I ordered that this evening for almost $9.00 and had been reduced to half it’s usual size. I’m very disappointed in the fact that this item has been changed but the price stayed the same.

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
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