Foot Locker Canada customer support service

Foot Locker has a very long history in the sportswear and footwear departments. Many people don’t know that Foot Locker was actually spun off by the legendary F. W. Woolworth Company (commonly known as “Woolworth’s”). Woolworth’s, which began in 1878, was one of the most successful “five-and-dime” American department stores. It wasn’t until the 1980s that Woolworth’s started to falter due to increased competition.

Company executives at Woolworth’s during the 80s decided to focus all their efforts on propping up their Foot Locker division, which is still very competitive today. Foot Locker has almost 4,000 stores in the USA, Canada, Asia, and Europe, and its employees are well known for their referee uniforms. Foot Locker also owns other sportswear companies including Champs Sports, House of Hoops, and Eastbay.

Foot Locker Canada customer service

Foot Locker makes it very easy to get in contact with their customer service division. If you are in Canada, it’s best to call (800) 991-6815. This is Foot Locker’s official customer service hotline.

Foot locker Canada help serviceThere’s a great deal more information on Foot Locker available on the World Wide Web. Below, we’ve compiled some of the best Foot Locker sites to help Canadian residents.

  • In addition to the toll free customer care number, you’ll find specific telephone numbers for various Foot Locker offices all around Canada. On the bottom of the page you’ll find local numbers for residents of Western Canada, Québec, Ottawa, Ontario, and the Maritimes.
  • People who just want to send Footlocker a quick email can use this link. Here you’ll be able to write a question, suggestion, comment, or complaint, and send it straight off to the company’s customer care division.
  • This is Foot Locker’s official store locator. Just type in your postal code or city and let the interactive map do its thing. In addition to the store’s address, you’ll also be able to see the telephone number for each Footlocker location that pops up.
  • If you want information on Foot Locker’s various headquarters around the world, then just take a look at this webpage. At the top you’ll find information on Foot Locker’s central Manhattan office, and below you’ll see various other headquarters for Europe, Asia, and for the company Champs Sports.
  • For those out there interested in seeing the latest and greatest products available from Foot Locker, just check out this page. This is Foot Locker’s official YouTube page, and there are literally hundreds of videos on various Foot Locker products and athlete interviews.

Foot Locker‘s international headquarters is located in the Big Apple. If you want to send a physical letter to this company’s headquarters, just write down this address:

Foot Locker, Inc. Headquarters
330 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10001

You can call this NYC headquarters by dialing (212) 720-3700.

Foot Locker makes it very easy to get in touch via social media. People with Facebook accounts can use this link to “friend” Foot Locker. Twitter users can follow Foot Locker on this website. Finally, Foot Locker has an Instagram page that’s located right here.

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