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Traveling is certainly not easy. There are always a million things to worry about. You have to think about your budget, go through the stressful task of packing and make a hundred other arrangements for your trip. However, perhaps the biggest worry of all is making all the bookings.

This includes the best flights which don’t have a lot of stopovers, or a lot of stopovers if you like them, the best hotels with a good location and lots of facilities, and even booking the most comfortable rides to drive you around the city. The rates are always confusing and you are left in doubt whether you are making a good decision or not.

Well, with FlightHub, you can have all that convenience and peace of mind for an excellent trip or vacation. Established in 2012, the company has made over 30 million connections, helping travelers fly to their destinations with comfort and convenience. They offer some of the best deals so that you can save some money for shopping abroad and not feel guilty about it.

They allow you to travel to all kinds of places so that you can explore new countries and learn about other cultures. Headquartered in Montreal, FlightHub is rapidly expanding to serve more and more customers. In 2014, the FlightHub launched JustFly to cater to its American market.

The secret behind FlightHub’s so many connections lies in the fact that they truly value these connections, whether they are made across the globe as they help people travel to new places, or they are made with their own employees through their excellent customer support services.

The company is always investing in their technology as well as their people to provide better and better services and support each time. Whether you’re traveling for the first time or have already experienced connecting with FlightHub, here are all the ways you can reach out to their customer support team.

Call FlightHub

One of the first and best options you have is to call FlightHub directly. This way, you can clearly explain your problem or confusion about the booking process to the customer support representative.

Moreover, they can quickly guide you and explain all the necessary procedures as well so that you don’t end up needing help again. They have a toll-free number through which you can reach out to their agents anytime you want.

  • 1-800-900-1431

Submit a Request

This is specifically for those who have already made some bookings with the company but might need to change a few things. Normally, getting anything switched can be a big hassle. But FlightHub has made the whole process pretty simple and straightforward.

Right at the top of their home page, you can find the option for customer support and once you click on that, one of the first options you get is to submit a request. Once you select this option, you are directed to a new window where you need to fill in the details of your booking and your personal details.

After that, you can explain your request and even attach any files or pictures if you want, and submit the request. Someone from their customer support team will review your request and get back to you shortly.

Talk to an Agent

After that, another helpful option is that of Talking to an Agent. This is similar to connecting with a live bot as the page guides you to the relevant page according to your query.

First, you have to answer a few questions, such as what exactly you need help with, and then based on that, there are a few more questions, till they’ve gotten to the bottom of your problem. After that, they display the solution to your problem with screenshots and a comprehensive explanation as well as what you need to do next.


If you don’t really want to speak or email anyone else, you can also visit the FAQs page. Right at the top of the customer support page, you have options to choose what you need help with between hotel, flight, and car bookings.

Once you click on one of these, you are taken to a new support page that has various questions related to that topic so that you can find the answers you need yourself.

Self-Serve Portal

There is also a self-serve portal, through which you can manage all your account and booking details yourself. You will need to sign in with your booking ID and last name and then you will have access to all your account details. Then, with a more customized view, you can easily make your desired changes. In case, you are still not able to figure out a solution, you can always call an agent on the toll-free number mentioned above.


If you are actually visiting FlightHub’s website in search of a job, you need not bother going through their typical customer support channels. Instead, you can directly, visit their Careers page, where you can browse through the available positions in different locations and apply directly.

Social Media Profiles

FlightHub is also available on several social media profiles. You can follow them for the latest news and updates.

Additionally, besides posting some beautiful scenic pictures, they often respond to customer complaints and queries posted in the comments section. So, you can quickly post any question or confusion there too. Their social media profiles include:

Final Thoughts

Flying anywhere can be a stressful experience and FlightHub understands that pretty well. That’s why they’ve designed a comprehensive website where you can the best deals, updated itineraries, travel guides, newsletters, and much more. Best of all, they have a fantastic customer support team that is always happy and willing to help.

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