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Easypark is a European tech company that helps drivers find and manage parking.

Its main product is an app that allows drivers to find parking spaces and also find charging stations to charge their electric vehicles.

The company provides parking administration, planning and management in 2,200 cities in 20 countries.

The app allows for payment through smartphones. It allows you to carry a virtual parking meter in your pocket and start and stop the parking time at your leisure.

You don’t have to worry about getting your car back on time or paying for unused parking time. This way, you can also ensure that you don’t get parking tickets for overdue meters.

Here is how you can Contact Easypark in Canada.

Easypark Customer Care Services

Easypark has world class customer care services judging by the extensive catalogue of contact options.

It caters to every type of parking meter problem, issue, violation, etc. It also allows for customers to fix problems and email with their queries and suggestions on separate emails.

They also deal with their customers through phone and text messages as well as emails.

They also have forms that their customers can fill out to narrow in on the nature of the problem. There is even a page to find locations to park at on the website itself with the parking rates.

Mailing Address

PO BOX 28191 RPO West Pender Street
Vancouver BC V6C 3T7

Text Message

  • +1-888-501-1343

Phone Numbers for Queries and Assistance

Monthly Parking Assistance

  • 1-888-501-1343 Ext 2 ​

(Monday-Friday ​09:00 AM – 3: 00PM)

24 Hours On-Site Assistance

  • 604-682-0555

Social Media


Easypark has a LinkedIn Page both for its Canadian location, as well as an International page. You can follow both and send in applications for career positions.


Easypark has an official Twitter page for its Canadian audiences. You can tweet to the page and follow it as well. However, you can’t send Direct Messages.


There is an official Instagram page for Easypark Canada. The page can be followed and you can send direct messages to it.


There is an official Canadian page for Easypark on Facebook. There is apparently an official international page as well, but the link is currently broken. You can also find additional information about the company on Facebook.

Contacts for Violations, Payments and Appeals

You can fill out a complaint or check the status of any violations or appeals on this page.

License Plate Entered Incorrectly

Please email the company with the violation number and the license plate information that you paid with at this address: lp@easyparkcs.zendesk.com.

In Person Appointments

You can schedule an in-person appointment with a representative at the company using this page.

Appointment Phone Calls

You can set an appointment for a 10-minute phone call for an exact date and time using this page.

Contacts for Monthly Parking

Monthly Parking Inquiries

For any monthly parking inquiries, send an email to this address: monthlyparking@easyparkcs.zendesk.com.

Applying for Monthly Parking

Refer to “Contacts for Violations, Payments and Appeals”.

Miscellaneous Contacts

Refund Requests

All refund requests have to be made within 30 days of the initial purchase. After 30 days, the Easypark app credit will be provided if the request has been validated.

You need to fill out this form to submit a request for validation.

Coupon Requests

You can purchase a coupon by filling out this form. It will provide you a list of available Lots and allow you to fill out the coupon amount.

Receipt Requests

You can request a receipt with this form. You can choose the form of payment using the list of options provided.

Meter Issues

You can make payments using either the Easypark app, the Honk Mobile service, or even pay by Phone for your meters. Use this form to complete the payment or to complain about meter issues.

Parking Management and Community Development

Email Address: clientservices@easypark.ca

Finding Parking

You can use this page to not only find parking locations, but also rates for any area where Easypark is available.

Closing Thoughts

Easypark clearly has several options for its customers to contact its customer representatives on several issues. They definitely have the options for customers.

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