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Dr. Oetker Ltd. is an Ontario based company, which specializes in baking products. The Canadian branch was established in 1962; however, the company is a global subsidiary of the famous German brand, Dr. Oetker, which is continuously operating since 1891. Over a century ago, Dr. Oetker became famous for his recipe for Cake allowing housewives to use measured amount of baking soda and other ingredients to bake Cakes. The recipe proved an instant hit as Germans took notice of its popularity.

In the next few decades, the grandson of Dr. Oetker proved instrumental in expanding the family business beyond Germany. Currently, the international brand has presence in 18 countries. It was during his reign that Dr. Oetker Ltd. was formed in Canada. Initially, the company started as Condima Imports Ltd. With the passage of time, it continued to generate hefty revenues amid integration of various famous Canadian brands including “Sheriff” line of products and McCain Foods. The expansion has proved beneficial as Dr. Oetker Ltd. announced the construction of its first North American Factory near London, Canada. Using the supply-chain, the management ships baking products all over Canada and the United States.

Dr.Oetker customer support

dr-oetker-supportThe customer service for the Oetker brand is known for its professionalism. According to various annual reports, customer service agents are hired based on their knowledge. Subsequent training tailored towards the requirement of customers enables personalized attention from agents, who are hired locally. For detailed queries, the official website of Dr. Oetker Ltd, in Canada, offers an online form to address customer queries. Reports from customers on different forums suggest that customers usually get a response within 24 hours, which seems above-average for the food industry.

How to contact the customer service in Canada?

For more general questions and support, Canadian customers can use email, phone or even a letter address at the company’s address. Irrespective of the mode of communication, the company promises a quick and effective solution. For more formal queries, following is the postal address of the company in Canada:

Dr. Oetker Canada Ltd.
2229 Drew Road
Mississauga, ON, L5S 1E5, Canada

For immediate answers, customers are offered two telephone numbers. Accordingly, the toll-free number is the primary choice for contacting support staff. On the other hand, any official queries can be directed to the normal telephone lines in Ontario office. Following are the two telephone and fax numbers:

For Customer Service Inquiries:

  • 1-(800) 387-6939 Toll Free Number for Canadian Residents
  • (905) 678-1311 Official Inquiries for International Customers
  • (905) 678-9334 Fax Number for Local and International Customers

Regarding newsletters, promotions, special offers and recipes, customers are encouraged to use the online form. In addition, the company requests that customers refrain from contacting the company regarding coupons as these coupons are delivered through newsletters, only.

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