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Desjardins is a bank and financial services provider operating in Canada and North America.

The company manages the funds of over 7 million members and clients, ranking as the 4th safest bank in North America by Global Finance.

Supplying both personal and business accounts, Desjardins is relied upon for everything from accounts and cash management, to cards, loans and credit, savings and investment management, insurance, point of sale payments and financial, a range of HR & payroll options, and even international services and group plans.

Given the large size of this premier financial enterprise, getting in touch with the correct customer service department can be daunting.

To help clear the confusion and guide you to contacting the person or division necessary, we will be taking you through a look at the extensive customer service options supplied by Desjardins Canada.

Contacting Desjardins by Phone

As a large financial services provider, Desjardins has a selection of specific departments handling specific functions within the company. Here is how you can get hold of customer service for each department of Desjardins:

Desjardins Insurance

1-866-838-7553 (Toll-Free) – Available Monday to Friday, 8AM to 5PM EST

Desjardins Business Services

If in the Montreal region call 514-253-7392, and in other areas of Canada and the US call 1-877-222-3732

Desjardins Credit Cards

Those calling from the Montreal area should use 514-397-4415 – Available from Monday to Friday, 7AM to 8PM, and on Saturday & Sunday from 8:30AM to 5PM. If you are calling from anywhere else in Canada or the US, use 1-800-363-3380 (Toll-Free). Collect calls can be placed on 514-397-4610, while lost cards should be reported at any hour of the day or night, seven-days a week

Desjardins Access (Debit) Cards

Report lost or stolen cards immediately at any time of the day or week to 1-800-361-5121 (Toll-Free) if in Canada or the US, and 514-281-9289 if in another country (as a collect call). If you wish to obtain a Desjardins Access Card and are calling from the Montreal area, telephone 514-224-7737, while those from other areas of Canada and the US should phone on 1-800-224-7737 (Toll-Free)

Desjardins Financial Advisors

If calling from the Montreal area, phone 514-224-7737, while those calling from other areas of Canada and the US should call on 1-800-224-7737 (Toll-Free)

Disnat Online Brokerage

1-866-873-7103 (Toll-Free)

Desjardins Securities (Full Service Brokerage)

1-888-987-1749 (Toll-Free)

Desjardins Student Advisory Center

For information applicable to new students call 1-800-667-7972 (Toll-Free)

Student Loan Management

1-866-388-3373 (Toll-Free)

Desjardins 360d

If calling from the Montreal area use 514-383-0252, or call 1-844-866-9932 (toll-free) from elsewhere in Canada, and the US

Desjardins Scholarship Foundation

If calling from the Montreal area phone 514-281-7171, and if calling from the US or elsewhere in Canada then use 1-800-443-8611 (Toll-Free)

Loan & Credit Enquiries

Call 514-224-7737 if in the Montreal area, or 1-800-224-7737 (Toll-Free) if elsewhere in Canada or the US

Contact a Mortgage Representative

Call 514-745-9499 if in the Montreal region, or 1-844-626-2476 if in Quebec, other areas of Canada, or the US. Financial advisors are ready to assist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Payroll and Human Resources (Management not Careers)

1-888-311-1616 (Toll-Free)

How to Find Local Contact Information for Desjardins

While the numbers listed above will put you in contact will a capable support representative, there are times when you may need the number of a local business center. Simply click here to access the ‘Find Us’ tool, or follow these instructions:

  • Visit the Desjardins homepage

  • Select any section other than insurance

  • Select ‘Find us’ beside the search bar in the top menu

  • Specify what you are looking for, your language preferences, and your location, then click search

Contacting Desjardins Insurance

Desjardins Insurance gives customers a range of ways to get in contact. Here we’ll be showing you the best ways to contact an insurance customer service representative.

Sending a Message to Desjardins Insurance

A form is readily available here to send feedback or queries to Desjardins Insurance customer support. Alternatively, visit the Desjardins Insurance homepage and click ‘Contact Us’ situated on the top right to access the messaging interface.

A support representative will typically contact you via email, however, at times a phone call is possible.

Finding a Point of Service Nearby

Find a service point using the ‘Find Us’ tool available here on the Desjardins Insurance site. You can also find this feature by visiting their homepage and clicking the ‘Points of Service’ link.

Simply enter your city or postal code and this feature will display the closest points of service to your location.

Schedule a Meeting with a Representative

If you would like to meet with a representative to receive a no-obligation meeting to have you questions answered, then visit the following link, or visit the Desjardins Insurance homepage and click the ‘Meet with a Representative’ link in the footer, situated beneath the text ‘Contact Us’. You will be contacted within two business days.

Book an Appointment with Any Division of Desjardins

Click here to schedule an appointment for any of the following purposes:

  • Opening an account

  • Creating a savings schedule (investment, RRSP contributions, estates)

  • Financing (auto & personal loans)

  • Mortgage application (loan, transfers, etc.)

  • Account management

  • Auto, Life, Health, and Property Insurance Queries

You are also welcomed to send any questions which do not fall into the categories listed above via the same interface.

Get a Desjardins Branch Representative to Contact You

If you wish to be contacted by a customer service representative from a specific local branch, then click here and fill out the form applicable to your request.

You will be asked for your name and contact details, as well as your hours of availability, and the transit number you wish to contact. Transit numbers can be found using the GPS map and indicators provided.

English & French Language Support

When you first visit the Desjardins homepage you are asked to select your location and language preference. The company’s site is set to English by default, however, all you need to do is click the radio box beside ‘Français’ to have this localized version displayed instead.

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