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The Dairyland Company has been around for over a century. It is one of the most well-known dairy companies in Canada and they have become a household all over the country.

DairyLand started off as a part of the Fraser Valley Milk Producers’ Association (FVMPA). The company grew from a small-scale supplier of fresh dairy products to the neighborhood, to filling the dairy aisles of supermarkets all over Western Canada.

Their dairy operation really came into its own back in 1964 with the launch of their Burnaby dairy plant. At that time, this plant was considered to be one of the most advanced dairy operations in the country.

Dairyland is dedicated to providing the best quality dairy products for their customers while using eco-friendly and sustainable methods of production. It aims to bring back the wholesome goodness of breakfast to our increasingly fast-paced world.

dairyland support service

Keeping this in mind, it has taken its customer service and support to the next level. DairyLand takes great pride in not just serving its customers with fresh and whole dairy products, but it also carefully notes all feedback so that company can continue to improve the quality of the product line.

It does not matter if you are worried about their quality control measures or if you simply have a suggestion you would like to make; you can rest assured that their courteous and efficient staff is always on hand to ensure maximum support. Let us check their customer support system and see how it works:

Contacting Dairyland

The good people at Dairyland want to hear from you. This makes a lot of sense because they are committed to enhancing the customer experience and creating new and improved products all the time. What better way to do this if not to ask the consumers?

This is why they have extremely helpful support people who are standing by to take your calls at their customer support number 1-800-672-8866 from Monday to Friday and from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET.

From requesting more flavours for their yogurt line to trying to find the closest Dairyland store, Dairyland definitely wants to hear your voice and they will help and guide you as best as they can.

Alternately, if you don’t like calling people, you can also mail them via a really convenient form present on their contact us page.

Finally, you can write to them directly and send your suggestion by regular mail at the following address:

Saputo Dairy Products Canada
Saint-Laurent (Québec) Off H4N 2M7
2365 Chemin de la Côte-de-Liesse

FAQ Section

There is a dedicated FAQ page to help visitors and answer the more common queries regarding dairy products in general. Here you will be able to find out many important things such as how long you can keep unfrozen milk or the measures the company takes when a cow becomes infected (for instance).

Product Availability Section

Dairyland products are available in the following provinces:

  • Saskatchewan
  • British Columbia
  • Alberta and
  • Manitoba

This section has the names of individual grocers that stock Dairyland products at their retail outlets. You can use this guide to find out how close you are to the nearest DairyLand stockist.

Offers Page

The site has a section dedicated to exclusive coupons and other deals for Dairyland’s dairy items. The coupons can be printed and redeemed at any outlet that retails Dairyland products.

Dairyland Recipes

They have a huge collection selection of recipes based on different meals. You can get awesome ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinners appetizers, not to mention desserts and salad options. It is all right here!

Every recipe contains a list of ingredients and a step by step guide on the preparation of the dish.


Instead of waiting for their customers to get in touch with them, Dairyland has taken the step of creating a newsletter that is mailed directly to their customers. You can join their mailing list within a few seconds to get product updates and recipes delivered right into your mailbox!

Sign up for your daily dose of culinary inspiration and make dazzling dishes to impress your family!

Dairyland support on Social Media

Dairyland has a fairly strong social media presence, and they advertise it on their main website via multiple buttons placed on the home page.


Their Facebook page has close to 35,000 followers, and it is regularly updated. You can contact the company via Facebook since their profile has a permanently open private message link. The company typically replies to all queries and questions on their Facebook page within 24 hours at most. (Not including weekends). They regularly update their page every few days.


Dairyland’s parent company Saputo maintains a small presence on Pinterest. Their Pinterest profile has over a thousand followers, and it is also regularly updated with different recipes and weekend dinner ideas.


Their Instagram account is known as Ingredients by Saputo. As of now, it has almost 900 posts, and it is followed by nearly 1000 people. Most of the pictures on their Insta profile relate to milk-based desserts and dishes prepared with Dairyland products.


The YouTube account has 500 subscribers. The playlists contain videos of various recipes divided into multiple sections. Each section, in turn, contains different ideas and detailed videos on how to make specific dishes.

The Final Word

Dairyland Canada has an extremely reliable and helpful consumer support system in place. Just get in touch with them via regular mail, email, or give them a call and they will be sure to respond!

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