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Craigslist is an anonymous classifieds site and online community unlike any other.

As a global services provider, Craigslist has risen to such popularity that it even has its very own lingo. Countless pop culture references to this king-of-classifieds can be found across movies and television series from many countries.

The widespread popularity of Craigslist is far from unjustified. It is truly one of the largest and most diverse “back-page” sites available to Canadians.

Classifieds ads and community posts from the regions of Vancouver, North Shore, Burnaby/New West, Delta/Surrey/Langley, the Tri-cities-area/Pitt/Maple, and Richmond are displayed on the Craigslist Vancouver portal, with the rest of Canada being just a click away thanks to the convenient city-listed supplied on the right of the homepage.

Here we’ll be taking you through a look at how to get in contact with Craigslist Vancouver, BC’s customer care info, while guiding you through the various functions available on their site.

With a desktop and mobile interface which is clean, straight-forward, and to-the-point, navigating Craigslist is quite easy, while making contact with customer support will take a bit more effort.

Limited Contact Options

Craigslist delivers very few customer support options, with most users resorting to e-mail or the contact form available on their site.

There is no live support and the only telephone numbers which put you in contact with a human customer support representative are in the United States. This being said, we’ll be taking you through all your options.

Contact Craigslist by Telephone

Craigslist only has telephone numbers listed in the United States and you will be answered by automated recordings only.

Their toll-free to US citizens number for general customer support is 415-399-5200, whilst their Fraud Detection department can be reached on 800-664-0633. There is also a support number listed for account queries, again toll-free in the US. Call 415-566-6394.

For those who wish to know, Craigslist has a fax number, although this is likely of very little use to anyone seeking support. Nevertheless, the number 415-504-6394.

Contacting Craigslist via Contact Us Form

While Craigslist does not provide individual contact forms for many locations which it lists, there is a contact form available to put you in touch with the appropriate department relative to your request and region.

You will, unfortunately, have to wait for Craigslist to contact you rather than being put in direct communication with a representative. Access the contact form for their Vancouver, BC – Canadian portal here.

Craigslist Technical Issues Self-Help Forum

Thanks to the long-running nature of the Craigslist platform itself, the user-base has developed a sizeable knowledge base on the community help forum. You can find the Craigslist Help Desk here. If you have encountered a problem with the forum itself, browse the ‘Forum Help

General Assistance via Email

Should you have any question which has not been addressed by forum help, feel free to email Craigslist customer service as an alternative to using the ‘Contact Us’ form provided. All queries should be addressed to

Be sure to specify the region from which you are inquiring. Messages are attended to within a few business days. Keep in mind that Craigslist receives support queries from all global locations and your query will be attended to.

Contact Billing via Email

If you have any questions regarding billing, then forward a message to Your request will be responded to by email within a few days. As is the case with other email enquiries to Craigslist, response times are not necessarily the fastest.

Report Abuse via Email

Any material which you deem abusive, offensive, or illegal, should be reported in full detail (with the post ID included) via email to Do not necessarily expect a reply, however, your concern will be noted and investigated.

Flagging Offensive Postings

Posts can be anonymously flagged for removal, allowing the post to be purged from Craigslist once an unknown, variable amount of “flags” have been raised, allocated according to the posting type by Craigslist itself.

To flag a post which has been mis-categorized, illegally posted, or a post offensive of nature, click the ‘Prohibited’ link between the reply button and the date posted.

Visit Craigslist in the US or Contact by Mail

The only address which Craigslist supplies is the location of its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Their head office is open from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM PST.

Here is the postal address:

Craigslist Inc.
1381 9th Avenue
San Francisco, CA

Craigslist on Social Media

Craigslist has both a Facebook and a Twitter profile however neither remain active. The last time Craigslist posted actively on Twitter was during 2010, and only fourteen Tweets are listed in total.

The company’s presence on Facebook is just as inactive, with the last posts being made in 2013. Craigslist do not respond to direct messages or Facebook chat.

The Key to Effective Use of Craigslist

Craigslist cuts away the clutter and keeps things dead simple. Most of the postings on Craigslist have very little substance, supplying but the barebones needed to make contact with whomever is concerned.

This is mainly due to the anonymity of the site itself. Barely any posters ever fill out all of the criteria possible with their ads, so be sure to keep this in mind when searching for a listing.

Consider alternate search terms, not everyone speaks the same. If you were looking for a truck, try searching a pickup, or if you are looking for laptop, try searching for a notebook.

Social interactions should be handled with extreme care. There is literally no way of knowing who you are communicating with for sure so take every precaution when meeting in person.

Due to the nature of classified sales and other dealings, there is very little support which Craigslist needs to provide. The security lies solely upon the two people interacting on this broad platform. Never disclose any personal information which could compromise your security.

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