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Coca-Cola is one of the most famous soft drink brands in the world. Some people might say that Coca-Cola is among the most famous brands in the world, period. This legendary soda was actually supposed to be a medicinal drink made of coca leaves and kola nuts. However, as history shows, this drink is far better known today for its sweet fizz than its nutritional benefits.

The formula for this drink was concocted by John Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia in the late 19th century. With the help of businessman Asa Griggs Candler, Coca-Cola quickly went on to dominate the global marketplace. Nowadays, anywhere a person may find him/herself in this world, he/she is sure to find some way of getting a bottle of Coke. Coca-Cola Enterprises currently has its headquarters in Atlanta, and its secret recipe remains a mystery to the general public. Coca-Cola also owns many other companies in the beverage industry, including Minute Maid, Glaceau, and Odwalla.

Coca Cola customer service

Coca cola customer supportIn our health conscious 21st century, many people have questions about the ingredients and manufacturing practices at various big companies like Coca-Cola. Since Coca-Cola Enterprises is such a large company, they have a professional customer care division ready to help anyone at any moment.

The easiest way to reach their customer care division is by phone. Residents of Canada can call the number (800) 438-2653. If you can’t remember the number, just remember (800) GET-COKE (800.438.2653).

Below you will find a list of links that will help anyone interested in getting into contact with Coca-Cola Enterprises. There are also some links dealing with questions people often have about Coke products and where to find answers.

  • This link is all about Coca-Cola contact information for Canadians. There are phone numbers, email addresses, and postal addresses, as well as many links to other information on the Coca-Cola Company.
  • This is the homepage to Coca-Cola Canada. Here you will find the latest news about the company, as well as links to Coke’s social media pages and job opportunities.
  • If you want to look through the FAQ page for Coca-Cola, then this is the link for you. This page is the official FAQ page for the company. You will find all kinds of questions by scrolling down on this page.
  • If you ever find yourself in America, this site has all the information needed to get into contact with Coca-Cola’s American customer service branch.

If you feel like contacting Coca-Cola Enterprises via letter, this is their address in Canada:

Coca-Cola Canada
335 King Street East
Toronto, ON M5A 1L1

Coca-Cola also has a strong presence on various social media platforms. If you are into Facebook, you can joint Coke’s page. Coca-Cola also has a Twitter page. Finally, for those that use Google+, you can find Coca-Cola here.

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2 Reviews
  1. Valerie 2 years ago

    I have purchased 6 cans of coke (the 222ml size) . When I got home and put them in the cooler, I found one of the cans was leaking from the top where the pull tab is. What is the protocol when something like this happens. Thank you

  2. Teresa Marsh 2 years ago


    I am writing to express my disappointment in being able to talk to someone in Canada about a distribution issue pertaining to Halifax Nova Scotia. I have been to four stores in Halifax looking for 2 litre bottles of Diet Coke. Shoppers Drug Mart regularly has the 4 for 4.00 special. This week there is none to be found!! I was also at Lawton’s drug store (part of sobeys) and they too said they were having trouble with coke distribution. I called the 1-800 number on your web site and was told the the only distribution with in my radius was for the shoppers drug mart on almon street. They have had none. They didn’t know when they would. I asked her if loblaws/superstore or presidents choice has any delivered to their stores for a sale they are having starting tomorrow. She said they did not even show up on her list as a retailer. Warmarts had no deliveries either. I asked who would know about the distribution issue and she said she would let management know. That is not satisfactory. There must be someone who knows. I asked to speak to a manager and she said I couldn’t speak to someone and that she had to put a request in for a supervisor to call me within 2 business days. I doubt they will be in Canada or someone who knows about the distribution. We’ll see. In any event, this is maddening. I am an avid Diet Coke drinker and will be disappointed if it continues to be unavailable. So can someone please tell me what the problem is with distribution for Halifax NS. I realize you sold off the distribution part recently and that the transaction may not yet be complete but this shouldn’t be affecting consumers. My contact information the email I provided. As a side note, the Pepsi products were well stocked next to the empty coke shelves!

    Thank you for your time.

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