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The Canadian Broadcast Corporation is an English and French language national broadcaster in Canada. They have broadcasts on both television and radio, and have been around since 1936, making it the oldest in Canada.

One of the CBC’s main mandates is the focus on Canadian content across their media platforms. As of 2010, CBC.ca boasts over 5 million visitors a month checking out their content.

CBC continues to grow with the times, providing podcasts and a music streaming app. More recently, they signed a deal with Netflix to provide special productions.

The CBC/Radio-Canada website is filled with content. It has stories and videos focused on things that are relevant to Canadians across different categories.

From sports to politics, and lifestyle to radio, you can find current happenings on this official website.

Lastly, the CBC website offers many ways for visitors to contact them. Whether you want to give feedback, ask a question, or find general information, CBC has different contact options.

And, this article will help clarify how to contact various departments for specific inquiries, as well as navigating social platform communication.

General Contact Information

If you want to contact CBC for a general comment or question, there are 3 ways to do it:

Postal Mail

Audience Relations, CBC
P.O. Box 500 Station A
Toronto, ON M5W 1E6

Toll-free phone number for Canada


Email form

Additionally, you can submit an email form via the Contact Us link on the website, or by clicking here. On the form, you will specify the department you wish to contact and fill in your own contact information. Also, you will also fill in the subject and description or comment on this form.

Depending on the department that you chose, you may also pick a category from the drop down menu. And, you can also attach files before sending it off.

TTY/Teletypewriter for the hearing impaired


Social Media for CBC

Next, if you would rather connect with CBC on social media platforms, you can do so on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. But, if you have specific concerns, social media is not a good way to contact them.

CBC, like many large companies, has a large following so communication is usually one-sided because they have no way of responding to every follower.

Generally, you can check out the latest news and events on the CBC pages and make comments. But, don’t expect a direct comment back.


@cbc is the CBC Canada official Facebook page and you can look at new videos and interesting news. CBC says that you can send them a message via Facebook Messenger, and you will receive a message back in a few hours. So, in this instance this social media platform is closely monitored.

Navigating the CBC Help Center

The help center page has different information links for visitors with basic questions. The FAQ contains information like how to access CBC content online, or CBC scheduling.

Visitors who want to submit a local news story, or comment on aired news stories can also find out how to do so using this link.

There is also a link for CBC accounts for visitors who want to delete their account. You can also access help for CBC Video Membership questions in the CBC accounts section.

Additionally, you can find out how to access different programming from news and television to radio shows. Click on the CBC Programs link, or here, to also find out how to use or license CBC content for personal or educational purposes.

If you need general help with navigating the CBC app, websites, or broadcast services you can also get answers to your questions in the help center. Follow the specific category link to find answers to some frequently asked navigating questions.

Lastly, if you need to contact specific shows or departments within CBC, you can do so from the Help page, or here. You can also contact specific departments and staff using the contact information below.

CBC News

CBC recommends that visitors contact their regional news desk first. You can find links for the various regional news desks here.

Program Idea or Investigative News Pitch

To pitch a program idea, CBC recommends reviewing their different news sites and contacting the one you feel would fit your story the best.

Mailing Address:

CBC News: Marketplace
P.O. Box 500
Toronto, Ontario M5W 1E6

Email: marketplace@cbc.ca

Fax: 416-205-2246

Mailing Address:

The fifth estate
P.O. Box 500, Stn. “A”
Toronto, Ontario M5W 1E6

Email: fifth@cbc.ca

Fax: (416) 205-6668

Email: gopublic@cbc.ca or use the email submission form

CBC Radio One and CBC Music

For questions and comments, look for the program on the main page and contact them directly. If there is no contact information, you can send the message via the CBC general contact form and it will be forwarded on your behalf.

If you need the playlog, you can check here. But, if you need to contact them directly, they don’t have their own contact form. So, use the general CBC help center form, or click here to have your message forwarded.

CBC Language Services: French

For general information about French-language programs, you can look at the ICI Radio-Canada.ca main page. But, if you don’t find the information you are looking for, or if you have an issue or comment, visit the relations webpage here.

Corporate Affairs

If you want to contact the CBC corporate offices directly, there are different ways to do this. Take a look below for the right method and category for you.

Current Affairs or News Content

For concerns or complaints, contact the CBC independent Ombudsmen.

You can email the English Ombudsman at ombudsman@cbc.ca. Or, you can fill out the email form following the link on the ombudsman website, or by clicking here.

In addition, the French-language ombudsman has a separate website. Email them directly at ombudsman@radio-canada.ca. Or, use the email contact form here, or follow the Contact Us link at the bottom of the official webpage.

Values and Ethics Commissioner

Use this contact information to lodge complaints about CBC Code of Conduct application and other policies related to conduct and ethics. Send mail correspondence to 1400 Rene-Levesque East, #1732, Montreal, QC H2L 2M2. Or access their official website.

Other Corporate Matters

Finally, if you have other corporate matters there are 2 ways to contact the CBC corporate offices. One way is sending mail correspondence to this address:

CBC/Radio-Canada Enterprise Communications
P.O. Box 3220, Station C
Ottawa, ON K1Y 1E4

And, the other is by filling out the email contact form. You can choose the reply language of English or French on this contact form, too.

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