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Capital One is a financial corporation. It is a bank holding company, specializing in various banking functions such as debit and credit cards, automobile loans, saving accounts, etc.

The Capital One Financial Corporation has its headquarters in McLean, Virginia. It is also rated as one of the largest banks in the USA based on assets.

About Capital One

Capital One Financial Corporation, one of the largest banks in the United States, is in the business to help customers with credit. They also provide their services to the Canadian population via Capital One Canada. Capital One Canada is a division of Capital One Bank, which is a subsidiary of Capital One Financial Corporation.

Capital One has been offering highly innovative customized and personalized credit solutions to Canadian citizens since the past 20 years or so. They offer highly innovative products to their audience.

These products are not only simple to use but also offer tremendous value to customers. The culture at Capital One focuses on openness, collaboration and diversity. They offer people the opportunity to learn, work and build a stronger and more financially-secure future.

Capital One Customer Support Services

The customer support services offered by Capital One Canada are honestly impeccable. They provide all the information that may be required by an individual — including its various locations, its products, its operations, etc. The online options give customers the opportunity to contact a representative of Capital One directly.

Capital One Branches in Canada

In case you’re looking for Capital One branches in Canada, then you can find them at the bottom of the Capital One Canada website. You can find the ‘About us’ option here. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find out the different cities the branches are located in.

The headquarters of the Capital One Bank is located in McLean, Virginia, with its branches spread in different Canadian cities, including Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo in Ontario and Montreal in Quebec.

Capital One Call Support

If there are any queries or reservations that you have from Capital One, you can contact a customer service officer or representative by calling on their toll-free number.

Located at the bottom of the Capital One webpage is the ‘learn more’ option under which you can find the ‘contact us’ option. Clicking on ‘contact us’ will redirect you to another page where if you scroll down a little, you will find the ‘call us’ option. Once you click on that option, it will expand and show you various contact numbers.

Capital One’s toll-free number within Canada and the US is:

  • 1-800-481-3239

Capital One’s number outside Canada and the US is:

  • 1-804-934-2010

Capital One’s Teletypewriter number is:

  • 1-800-219-1009

Mail Option

Placed right below the ‘Call Us’ option is the ‘Mail Us’ option. If you click on this option, it will expand. You can find the address on which you can use. If you have any payments to send, then you can write a check and send it to Capital One via post.

For general correspondence you can mail them at the following address:

Capital One Customer Service
P.O Box 503, Stn. D
Scarborough, Ontario
M1R 5L1

In case you want to mail them any payments or checks, then you can mail it to them at the following address:

Capital One
P.O Box 521, Stn. D
Scarborough, Ontario
M1R 5S4

In case you’ve made a wrong payment, then you can talk to them through the live chat feature or mail them at the following address:

Attn: Payment Investigations
P.O Box 4908, Stn. D
Scarborough, Ontario M1R 4Y8

Addressing Your Concerns

Under the ‘mail us’ option, you will find another option ‘addressing your concern.’ If you have any problems you’d like to bring notice towards, then you can click on this option.

You will be redirected to another page where you’ll find several other options. You will be provided with a step-by-step guide that offers insights into how you can get in touch with the right people, depending on the nature of your issue.

Live Chat

The Capital One website has customer service representatives at your disposal at all times. If you’re on the main webpage, you will find a small messaging icon placed at the bottom of the page. Clicking on the icon will open up a live chat where you can communicate with a customer service agent. This ensures that the moment you’re faced with any issues, a customer service agent is there to help you.

Capital One on Social Media

When you scroll right to the bottom of the Capital One webpage, you will come across different social media logos. They are present on all social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Additionally, they even have their own YouTube channel. On Facebook, Capital One Canada has over 350,000 followers. It has 4,410 followers on Instagram and almost 15,000 followers on Twitter.

Their social media pages are always updated, and you can follow them for any promotional content. Capital One Canada’s social media pages are also open for discussions and any queries.

Help and FAQs

Located at the bottom of the page is the FAQs option. Once you click on this, you will be redirected to the FAQs page. On this page, you will find a bunch of different options, which will offer further sub-options.

The FAQs page is very comprehensive and elaborative. You can address specific concerns effortlessly as they’ve been discussed in detail.

Stay In Touch with Capital One

Capital One is a FORTUNE 500 company. If you’re in Canada and want to get in touch with Capital One representatives, then you can contact them through the above-mentioned methods. Whether you use the live chat feature, send a mail or call them, you can expect a quick reply.  

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