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CanaDream is one of Canada’s largest RV rental companies. Founded in the 1990s, CanaDream became part of the Apollo Tourism & Leisure Group in 2017. Today, the company excels at providing a fun, comfortable, and memorable RV vacation experience to its customers who get to experience the beautiful country at their own pace.

Even though CanaDream is based in Canada, its extensive fleet of more than 1000 RVs is seen in Canadian and US cities. Through RV rental and sales fleets and excellent travel packages, CanaDream ensures that its customers have a grand time exploring Canada and its diverse provinces. The company makes sure to provide excellent customer service via its official website.

Here are all the ways in which CanaDream offers exceptional support to its customers.

Call and e-mail CanaDream

CanaDream offers you multiple ways to get in touch with its customer service team. If you reside in Canada or the USA, you can contact the company’s customer service via its toll-free number:

  • 1-800-347-7126

However, if you are calling from outside North America, you will have to contact the company on the following number:

  • 1-403-259-5447 (long distance charges will apply)

Call Timings

From 1st May to 30th September: 7 am to 4 pm (Monday to Friday) and 8 am to 4 pm (Saturday and Sunday)

From 1st October to 30th April: 7 am to 4 pm (Monday to Saturday)

Alternatively, you can reach out to the customer service representatives by emailing them at:

You can also message them on Facebook Messenger.

RV Locations

CanaDream also has a locations webpage that you can use to choose your pickup and drop-off locations. It shows all of the locations where you can avail CanaDream’s services, such as Calgary, Vancouver, Whitehorse, and Montreal. Each location has its address, contact details, and directions to help the customers as much as possible.


CanaDream has a pretty comprehensive FAQs webpage with a helpful search bar at the top that you can use to search for any queries that you might have regarding the company’s services. It also has a pretty tall order of suggested categories for FQAs, which include:

All you have to do is click on the “read more” button below each category to discover the FAQs related to it. You can also use the search bar on each dedicated webpage to enter your related query and find the answers you’re looking for.

Social Media Platforms

CanaDream is pretty active on the following social media platforms:

You can get in touch with CanaDream on all of these platforms and follow them to get regular updates about their locations, RVs, road trips, and more developments. You can comment on the company’s posts, pictures, videos, and tweets. You can also interact with CanaDream community through these channels.

Trip Planner

CanaDream also provides you the opportunity to use its resources to plan your RV trip across Canada. It has an uber-helpful webpage with three Trip Planner tools:


Whether you’re a Canadian who wants to explore the country properly or a tourist looking for the best way to travel in and explore Canada, CanaDream offers you a tool to plan the ideal trip. Its itineraries webpage includes multiple itineraries, including one-day trips to long vacations. You can scroll down the page to view the popular itineraries or make your own by browsing the provinces and cities you would love to visit on the website.


This incredibly helpful webpage has all the information on popular spots and cities throughout Canada that you could want to include in your RV trip. All you have to do is choose a location on the map or browse the cities mentioned below on the webpage.

Once you find a destination that piques your interest, click on it. The website will direct you to a webpage dedicated to that location with all the popular spots in that city that you can explore. Click on the place you want to visit, and CanaDream will direct you to a webpage with facts and interesting information related to that place so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

Driving Directions

This tool will calculate the driving distance between Canadian cities in both miles and kilometers. All you have to do is enter the name of the city you will start your journey from and the city you will end your journey in, and the tool will calculate the total distance to help you make an informed decision regarding your travel plans.

Special Offers

CanaDream gives you the exciting opportunity to travel to all your favourite destinations across Canada with its selected Special Offers. These offers and deals are limited and will only be available to customers until they are all sold out, so you will have to grab them quickly. You can explore the popular deals on the page or pick your month, vehicle type, and location to refine the search and find the ideal deal for your dream vacation.


CanaDream has a helpful Careers webpage, where you can look up all job listings. You can also visit the job postings webpage to find out the position you’re looking for in your chosen location. The Careers webpage has everything you need to know about the company culture, the benefits you stand to receive if you join CanaDream, and any FAQs that you might want to learn from as well.

Moreover, the webpage includes testimonials from CanaDream employees that you can go through to get an idea of what it would be like to work from the company.


CanaDream has a pretty active blog with numerous popular categories, including Activities & Attractions, CanaDream Club, CanaDream Club Attractions, CanaDream RVs, Destinations, Food & Wine, RV Campsites, Trip Planning, and so much more! You can visit the blog and browse the categories to find content that suits your liking. You can also comment on the blog posts to engage with CanaDream’s team.

The Bottom Line

CanaDream is inarguably one of the finest RV rental companies in Canada. With its commitment to serve its customers in whatever capacity possible, the company has an excellent customer service team that offers you multiple channels to get in touch with CanaDream.

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