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If you need a package shipped across western Canada, then look no further than Canadian Freightways. This superb company has been in the business of delivering packages all across this region for well over 70 years. All of Canadian Freightways’ experienced drivers promise to handle customers’ packages with extreme care.

Canadian Freightways offers their clients on-time pickup, on-time delivery, and damage-free delivery. Now that’s some quality service, eh? As of today, the Montréal-based company TransForce Inc. owns Canadian Freightways. Anyone interested in investing in TransForce Inc. could take a look at the ticker TFII on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

How to contact Canadian Freightways

Do you need to get in touch with Canadian Freightways? No prob. Just call this amazing telephone number (888) 868-7923. You should have no issues reaching a member of Canadian Freightways’ staff using this toll free number. Of course, there are many other ways to get in touch with Canadian Freightways. The only question is, can you handle all this information? Well, whether you like it or not, here comes a blast of helpful Canadian Freightways links.

  • Here’s the Canadian Freightways “Contact” page. All that’s really on this page is the phone number listed above and directions on which buttons you need to press to reach various departments. Well, come to think of it, you’ll probably hear that info when you call the number anyway…so we’re not really sure how helpful this page will be for you. But hey, it’s an official page and all…so…yeah…
  • You can send an email directly to Canadian Freightways using this link. Yes, it’s true! Just type in your email address, your name, your telephone number, and then write your message. Once you’re done, you can submit your email. You should hear back from the company within a few days.
  • Interested in what areas of the Great White North Canadian Freightways covers? Take a look at this official “Coverage Map. All of Canadian Freightways’ designated locations in Canada and the USA are clearly listed on this website.
  • This is the Canadian Freightways’ “Tracing” page. After you put all of your particular package information into the central tabs, just hit the “Go!” button. If you have any problems obtaining the information you need to know about your package, just click the “Customer Service Centre” tab on the bottom of the page.
  • FAQs are really handy when you feel the need to ask a stupid question. Why not have someone else look like a fool for you, right? That’s why FAQs exist! So go ahead, look up that weird question you’ve always wanted to know. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Get your reading glasses out, because you’re going to need them for this URL. Canadian Freightways put all of its most important documents on this helpful website. You can download PDF files for documents titled “Commercial Invoice,” “US Customs Invoice,” and “Electronic Products Declaration,” just as a few examples.

Hey, are you still reading this article? Wow! Do you want EVEN MORE Canadian Freightways information? Amazing. Well, luckily for you, we still have another juicy piece of info on Canadian Freightways. Are you ready for this? OK. Here’s Canadian Freightways’ head office:

CF Group of Companies
234040A Wrangler Road
Rocky View, Alberta T1X 0K2

You can reach this headquarters with the telephone number (403) 287-1090 or the fax number (403) 287-4343.
As for social media, Canadian Freightways doesn’t have a huge presence online nowadays. However, the company does have an official Twitter feed (

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