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Cactus Club Café is a reputable and loved restaurant business in Canada. Born on the West Coast from the culinary vision of Richard Jaffray in 1988, Cactus Club was created as a fun, upscale restaurant. Jaffray wanted it to be a place that offered excellent food, friendly service, and a tranquil, unpretentious ambiance.

Today, Cactus Club has more than 25 locations and 2,000 employees located across Canada. It’s recognized as a national brand that uses local, fresh ingredients sourced responsibly to create high-quality, delectable global cuisine served in a lively, contemporary setting.

It has set the benchmark for warm, attentive, passionate, and humble service that ensures each and every guest wants to eat at its multiple locations again and again. This vision also translates into its exemplary customer service that it continues to provide via its official website.

Here are some ways in which Cactus Club provides excellent service to its customers:

Contact Cactus Club

Cactus Club’s website has a comprehensive “contact us” webpage with various categories:


The company constantly strives to deliver the best possible experience to its customers. In this stride, it welcomes your ideas, suggestions, and feedback to improve its services. If you have any comments regarding Cactus Club’s services, you can fill out a detailed form on the feedback webpage.

Make a Reservation

If you wish to make an online reservation at your favorite Cactus Club’s location, you can visit the webpage dedicated to reservations. Simply browse through the restaurant locations and find the restaurant you’re looking for.

Click on it so that the website can direct you to that specific restaurant’s reservation page. You need to enter the number of guests, date, time, preferred dining space, and your contact information to make the reservation.

Career Opportunities

Cactus Club is one of the fastest-growing restaurant chains in Canada, and the company wants you to become a part of its budding team. If you want to work at Cactus Club, you can visit its “careers” webpage to look for job opportunities, including:

You can browse each page to find a position that works for you. You can also revisit the main career page to learn more about the culture at Cactus Club, its story, and its compensation packages.

Media Inquiries

If you want to share a media or advertising opportunity with Cactus Club, you can email your contact information to its Marketing and Communications team so that they can get in touch with you.

Become a Supplier

If you want to become a supplier for the company, you can get in touch with it via its “our suppliers’ webpage. Fill out the form on the webpage and choose the product you want to supply, such as food, beverage, technology, furniture, etc.

Donation Requests

Do you want to make a donation request to Cactus Club? You can do that by visiting its webpage dedicated to local charities and organizations.

Head Office

If you have any general inquiries regarding the restaurant chain and want to reach out to its headquarters, you can send them an email. Alternatively, you can call them at:

  • 604.714.2025

You can also fax them at:

  • 604.730.6746

Moreover, you can reach out to them via mail as well. Write your letter to this address:

201 – 550 West Broadway
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V5Z 1E9


If you are looking for a Cactus Club restaurant nearest to you, visit the “locations” webpage on its official website. There, you can take a look at all of Cactus Club’s locations and find the one closest to you.

If you click on your chosen location, the website will direct you to a webpage dedicated to said location, where you can find everything you need to know about that restaurant. You can learn about its history, features, timings, menu, address, and more. You can also make a reservation and order your food from the restaurant of your choice.


Cactus Club has an exceptionally helpful “menu” webpage on its site. It has all the locations of the restaurant chain categorized neatly under their provinces and cities. If you click on a location, the website will direct you to a webpage dedicated to the menu of that location.

You can check out the drinks, food, and “happy hour + late-night” items available at that restaurant. It allows you to order your favorites without needing to remember them by heart. It also enables you to try new items on the menu, as the website keeps updating the menus for each restaurant regularly.

Accessible Customer Service Plan

Cactus Club is committed to ensuring fair and equal treatment of all its customers. It has a dedicated webpage for its Accessible Customer Service Plan that details how the company tries to cater to the needs of individuals with disabilities conscientiously by working toward removing all barriers to accessibility.

It also encourages its customers to send their feedback on its accessibility services so that it can continue to improve them.

Cactus Club’s Social Media Presence

Cactus Club is active on any social media platforms, such as:

You can reach out to the company on these platforms and get in touch with its customer service representatives. This way, you can communicate your concern, query, or suggestion to them.

You can also follow them on these social media platforms to stay updated on all the new, refreshing, and scrumptious items the restaurant chain adds to its menus in different locations. If you follow them, you will get the opportunity to win coupons and gift cards to use at the restaurant.

Gift Cards

Cactus Club has a separate webpage dedicated to its gift cards. This webpage mentions all the gift card options you can buy and also features an FAQ portion to clear any confusion or concern that you might have about its gift card policy.

Here are the gift card options that you can avail at Cactus Club:

Each of these gift cards has a separate webpage that has all the details you need to buy the card, including card details, payment options, and billing and shipping details.

Cactus Club’s Blog

If you want to stay updated about everything related to Cactus Club, you can follow its blog. The company makes sure to post regular content, which details new menu items, must-try dishes at different locations, up-and-coming events, and other food-related content that you will love to go through!

Health and Safety Measures

Cactus Club has a helpful webpage with clear and concise details on how it expects its employees and customers to uphold its health and safety measures during the current times. For instance, it requires all its guests to wear masks and has put a limit of six people per table.

The Bottom Line

Cactus Club does everything in its power to provide a holistic and memorable experience to all its guests via its helpful webpage for its menus, locations, reservation, career opportunities, feedback, and more services.

If you have any comments, concerns, or feedback to give Cactus Club, you can call, email, and mail the headquarters. You can also reach out to the restaurant chain via social media. At the end of the day, Cactus Club will continue to have your back and offer you exemplary service every step of the way!

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