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Ever since the company was founded in 1957, the Bunn-O-Matic Corporation, otherwise known as Bunn, has been in the business of manufacturing and selling dispensed beverage equipment.

Bunn is now a global corporation that sells a variety of commercial and home coffee brewers to a wide network of loyal customers. It offers a combination of both simplistic and high-tech coffee brewers.

Any company this size should be able to provide more than adequate customer support. Luckily for the legion of Bunn fans, this is exactly the case. The company’s Canadian customers can access both international and domestic customer support.

Contact Bunn via Phone

The quickest way to get in touch with a customer service representative is to pick up a phone and call Bunn Canada. There is only one phone number for Bunn Canada which connects you to the Home and Commercial Products department and the Canadian Corporate Office:


If you do decide to contact Bunn Canada via phone, you might find yourself on hold. However, using this contact method is still very good since it lets you ask just about any question you might have about the company and its policies, warranties, prices, and parts.

If you want to call the Global Headquarters, there are two numbers that you can call.

  • 800-637-8606
  • 217-529-6601

The operators for the Global Headquarters work from Monday through Friday between 6:30 am and 5:30 pm CST.

Bunn Office Addresses

You can also contact Bunn Canada at the following street address:

280 Industrial Parkway
South Aurora,
Ontario L4G 3T9

If you want to contact the global headquarters without placing a long distance call, you can use the following address.

5020 Ash Grove Dr.
Springfield, Illinois 62711

Request Support and Resources

You don’t always have to browse aimlessly for information about parts, accessories, or assistance. Bunn Canada has a Request Service that allows you to choose between three different forms.

Service Form

To use the service form, you need to be an owner of a Bunn home brewer. You have to fill out the form with your personal information, the model of the appliance, and the date code. However, it is generally recommended for Canadian customers to call the previously mentioned phone number.

Parts Form

The parts form is very similar to the service form in terms of the information you’re asked to give. However, this form is used to order replacement parts and accessories such as descaling tools, flow restrictors, spray heads, etc.

Inquiry Form

The inquiry form is dedicated to those online visitors that don’t own a Bunn product but are interested in receiving additional information before making a purchase.

By using any of these forms, you will receive either an email or a phone call from a human representative with the necessary expertise to assist you.

You can also request a sales territory map of Canada which is available as a PDF file in both English and French. There are two lists for Canada.

  • Sales service list
  • Service agents directory

In order to request the lists via email and to download the sales territory map for Bunn Canada, you have to scroll to the bottom of the Bunn homepage and click on the appropriate buttons.

How to Get Job Information

You can access Bunn’s Careers Page for job listings. On the page you will see four options.

  • External applicants
  • Internal applicants
  • Manufacturing applicants
  • Bunn gourmet applicants

Each page offers you the option of refining job listings by a number of categories and specific departments. You can also refine your search by their locations.

As you can see, the customer support topics that you can access via the online forms are a lot more limited than what you can do over the phone.

bunn appliances supportSelf Help via the Resource Center

The Bunn Resource Center Page is an excellent resource in lieu of calling or email. On this page you can find 5 links that will redirect you to guides for the following topics:

Finding The Date Code

You get a step-by-step guide in a PDF file and in a short YouTube video that covers the information for a few different brewers.


The warranty page has extensive information about when the warranty kicks in, its duration, things that can void the warranty, and everything else that might concern you from a legal standpoint.

Product Registration

This page has the product registration online form that you must fill out and submit with your personal information and purchase information.

Use and Care

The Use and Care Page has a couple of guides in both text and video format on how to operate Bunn brewers. These are separated into three categories: multi-cup, single-cup, and advanced technology brewers.


This page has all the information you may need in regard to placing an order, order processing, and tracking orders while in transit. It also has information on how to go about returning a brewer. Be aware that the shipping costs are non-refundable. You’ll also find a link for the Bunn FAQ Page which covers over 20 of the most common questions asked.

Bunn on Social Media

The only social media platform that you can use to get additional information about Bunn and its products is the official Facebook page. From the page you can send a private message and wait for the reply, usually in a couple of hours.

You can also click the shop button and be redirected to the main retail store. Note that you don’t have to give them a like or a follow in order to use the private chat. Anyone is welcomed to use Facebook as a contact method for Bunn, wherever they are in the world.

Final Word

Bunn Canada has a pretty good customer support service that combines online help with traditional phone support to cater to customers across the country. The official website also has a number of self-help resources available in text and video format, including a comprehensive FAQ section which should answer most of your questions.

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  1. Back in July Our Bunn Slushie Machine stopped working our maintenance person told us that the machine needed freon. So we called for a tech from Bunn Service 800-292-4535 and we told them that the bunn machine needed freon, thy said no problem they would send someone to fix the problem. On or about July 29th the tech arrived looked at the machine said it needed freon and that he was not certified to work with freon. I then call their customer service line and they said they did not have anyone that was certified to send to repair the machine. I then made sure that we would not be billed for the service as no service was provided and they assured me that we would not be billed. I then noticed on out American express account we were billed for the service. When i called the billing department she would not help me and made it sound like there was nothing she could do for me. This is unreal and they should not treat customers like this and get away with it. The amount is $244.78

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