Blackberry customer care and support service

Blackberry Limited is a software company that is most known for its now-defunct, manufacture of QWERTY keyboard smartphones.

The company is still a powerful software vendor and provides enterprise and individual solutions to its customers.

Founded originally in 1984 as Research In Motion Limited, it has now become a nearly $4 billion company. The headquarters of the company are situated in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Blackberry Customer Care Services

Blackberry doesn’t have an official Canada based website, but its official website is more than equipped to handle any customer queries. The website lists a wide variety of options for its customers based on their type of query, the type of services they subscribe to, etc.

Essentially, there are separate support portals for subscribers of the various services Blackberry provides.

Customer support comes in several forms on the website including Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, and Forms.

Contact Catalog

This section allows you to find the right solution depending on your query, complaint, or concern. The catalog begins with a single option: Inquiry Type. Once you select an option, it leads you to another option, and another, and so on, until it lands on a solution.

Say, you need technical support for your smartphone. It will lead you to an option that requires your smartphone IMEI. It will also list options to find your device.

Contact Sales

This section pertains to Contact Sales. Here you can fill out a short form that details your complaint, query, or concern.

Secure Smartphones Support

This section segments support according to the smartphone you have. It lists all the smartphones that are currently supported/sold by Blackberry. It lists smartphones that are powered by both Blackberry OS and Android.

Blackberry Smartphone Apps Support

This section lists all the apps that are currently sold/supported by Blackberry. You can look for support regarding any of the apps that you are finding problems or concerns with.

Blackberry Products and Application Support

For subscribers or users of Blackberry’s Enterprise Apps, you can get customer support here.

Blackberry QNX Support

This is a portal that provides customer support to Blackberry QNX subscribers. It lists all the support options you have including person-to-person help lines, and dedicated technical resources as well as tech support professionals.

You can login to the portal and use whatever tier of support that you’ve signed up for.

Certicom Support

This section pertains to all the customer support that is provided regarding the product Certicom.

The main contact information, including phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, etc, is listed right on the page:

If the North America numbers don’t work for those in Canada, you can always use international numbers:

  • tel. +1-905-507-9473
  • fax. +1-905-507-4230

Bear in mind that customer support for Certicom is available only between 8:30am and 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Blackberry Radar Solutions Support

For customers of Blackberry Radar Solutions, you can find support on this page. You can either submit an online request through the page, or call support through this phone number:

  • 1-844-723-2722

Support is only available Monday-Friday: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm ET

Blackberry Canada Office Locations

Waterloo-Blackberry A

2300 University Ave. E
Waterloo, ON, Canada N2K 0A2

Waterloo-Blackberry B

2200 University Ave. E
Waterloo, ON, Canada N2K 0A7

Waterloo-Blackberry C

2240 University Ave. E
Waterloo, ON, Canada N2K 0A9


4701 Tahoe Blvd.
Mississauga, ON, Canada L4W 0B5


1001 Farrar Road
Kanata, ON, Canada K2K 0B3


Units 201 8331 Eastlak Drive
Burnaby BC


Units 701 & 702, 40 Eglinton Avenue East,
Toronto, ON, Canada M4P 3A2


15 Western Parkway
Bedford, NS, Canada B4B 0V1

Phone Numbers

You can contact Blackberry:

  • Blackberry QNX – Ottawa, Ontario: +1 613-599-1232
  • Blackberry Canada: +1 877-644-8405

The average waiting time is 2 minutes, and this number is available to call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Customer Service: +1 877-255-2377

Blackberry Social Media

Blackberry has a presence across five major social networks. This includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.


Blackberry doesn’t have a dedicated Facebook page for Canada. However, there is a page for Blackberry QNX – Ottawa, Ontario. You can join both pages, but only send Facebook Messenger DMs to the company through the latter. You can also find additional information on the Facebook pages to contact customer support through a phone number, and an email address.


Blackberry Canada doesn’t have a dedicated Twitter handle. However, you can tweet to the official handle and even send DMs.


Blackberry has a LinkedIn page which lists its location as Waterloo, Ontario.


Blackberry has an official YouTube channel that caters to subscribers around the globe.


Blackberry doesn’t have an official Instagram handle for Canada. However, you can follow its official page and send DMs.

Blackberry Customer Support Reviews

While the Customer Service Reviews on Blackberry at Trustpilot have a fair score of 3.3, they don’t present a full picture. Most of the 41 reviews are concerned with Blackberry smartphones, which the company doesn’t make anymore.

There are only a handful of reviews that concern customer service, and they’re mostly positive. However, the sample size is too small to give a full verdict.

Closing Thoughts

Blackberry clearly has several options for its customers to contact its customer representatives on several issues. They definitely have the options for customers, yet it’s hard to judge by the lack of reviews online whether the customer support is fair, good, great or bad.

However, the sheer number of options available for customer support bodes well for customers. So you should be covered, no matter what the issue is.

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5 reviews

  1. I purchased a Blackberry Priv a year ago from BELL. This device has crashed 6 or 7 times when there was a software update. Support has tried to repair it on line and have succeeded on a few occasions. At one point, August 2016, they actually sent it to Cambridge Ontario to do a factory re-boot. It was done very efficiently over a 3 day period. However, the next update caused the device to crash again. The last time it crashed, November 2016, they very efficiently agreed to replace the LEMON device with a new one. I received all the documentation but nothing has happened. The new device has not arrived as of today, December 1, 2016. Customer Support says it will be looked after but there is a BACK LOG. Not clear what that means, and neither was the Customer Support rep. Great Device when it’s working. I GOT A LEMON and would like them to do what they said and get me a g–d—- new one. I have been a Blackberry user since the first device. I am loyal and would like them to be loyal. Perhaps they will get the message through this forum.

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
  2. II have a BB 9700 for 5 years now. I am in London, UK and had been working with O2 and I pay them 6GBP/month for the “honour” of using a BB. For two years the arrangement worked fine, until Bell decided to change some of their email server settings. Ever since then, I can send email from the BB, but I do not receive any.
    Talked to O2, Bell and BB. BB told me that my device is not under warranty and I need to pay $30 for support!
    I already pay 6GBP every month and there is nothing wrong with the device, but the BB email SERVICE!
    All my other devices(PC, tablets) email work fine even with the new Bell settings and no changes were necessary!
    I re-created the email accounts I use on the BB and received email confirmation from BB that I will start receiving my email in 20 minutes!
    This happened 3 times, but no email was received in the last 3 months!
    With this kind of service, no wonder BB disappears!

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
  3. I have a passport and a longtime Blackberry user and supporter of the company. I am happy with the device for the most part but the BB link is total XXXX. Every time I try to backup, the link wont work and I have to delete it and reinstall it. That process is so frustrating that unfortunately my next phone will not be a BB. Trying to get any type of support to help is ridiculously bad and I am not paying to have someone help me with what is an obvious flaw in that software from Blackberry. Very disappointing!!

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
  4. Sorry got rid of my blackberry. Was not happy with how it worked. I also instructed IT Dept. to have all employees change to I Phones. I have used blackberry since they first came out, but now they just do not work.

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
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