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Bitbuy is a Canadian-owned and run cryptocurrency platform that is currently being operated out of downtown Toronto. Designed for both new and advanced traders, Bitbuy offers you the opportunity to benefit from its simple interface and successfully navigate the crypto world.

It provides you with the resources you need to dabble in cryptocurrency and learn everything you need to know about it without getting overwhelmed by the wealth of information.

Bitbuy’s mission is to offer fellow Canadians dependable, secure, and convenient access to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as it expands into exploring alternative payment methods. Bitbuy supports its mission by providing its customers exemplary service and support.

Apart from simplifying the often daunting digital currency trade, the platform also offers incredible customer support via its official website.

Here are all the ways in which Bitbuy offers its support to its customers:

Contact Bitbuy

Bitbuy makes it a point to be available 24/7 to its customers throughout the year. If you have any questions about its platform or cryptocurrency in general, you can email the support team at:

The support representatives will be more than happy to help you through your conundrum and assist you in whatever capacity is needed.


Bitbuy has a comprehensive support webpage with a search bar on the top where you can enter all your concerns, queries, and suggestions. The website will show you the results based on your searches.

Moreover, you can scroll down the page to access all the support categories:

These categories have helpful related articles and answers to frequently asked questions that you can access with a single click. If you have more questions, you can always email the company for further clarification.

Alternatively, you can click on the “submit a request” tab at the bottom of the support page. It will take you to a new tab with a request form that you can fill with your email address, subject, and message. A Bitbuy representative will reply to your message and offer you the clarity you need.

Social Media Platforms

Bitbuy has an active presence on the following social media platforms:

You can get in touch with the company’s social media representatives and follow the company on these platforms to stay up to date about its services. It will allow you to stay in the loop while communicating with its growing community.

You can contact the company via direct message or messenger and comment on its posts. You can also use LinkedIn to stay updated on any job openings within the company.

Status Updates

Bitbuy allows you to stay informed about all system outages and bugs their products and services might face.

All you have to do is access the “status” webpage on its website to determine whether its app, website, trading engine, customer support, and other services and products are operational or not. You can also subscribe to Bitbuy to get regular updates in case of system failure.


Bitbuy also has a blog on its website that is titled resources. This webpage contains helpful articles and posts on a vast array of topics, including the economy, cryptocurrency, Bitbuy updates, NFTs, and so much more.

You can access the resources webpage to learn about these topics and formulate your crypto investment plans.

Referral Programs

Bitbuy gives you the opportunity to earn as many referral bonuses as possible. All you have to do is create an account on its platform and send the automatically generated referral code to your friends and acquaintances. Each time anyone uses your code to create an account on Bitbuy and makes a $250 or more deposit, you will benefit from $40.


Bitbuy also has a careers webpage on its official website where you can find job openings and join Bitbuy as a service rep, engineer, advisor, or designer. You will benefit from a collaborative, learning-oriented culture, where you will get to work with passionate, friendly, and like-minded individuals.

It’s a high-paced work environment with a flexible work-from-home culture. You will work with minds committed to building the finest crypto empire in Canada. You can click on “view job openings” to explore your options. It will direct you to a webpage with all the openings and the information you need about them to shoot your shot.

Investment Inquires

If you want to learn how you can invest in Bitbuy and what benefits your investment will bring your way, you can email the company at:

Alternatively, you can visit the investment inquiries webpage and fill out the form by entering your full name, email address, and message. A Bitbuy representative will reach out to you and answer all your queries and quell your concerns effectively.

Complaints & Dispute Resolution

If you have a complaint about Bitbuy’s services that you’d like to bring to the company’s attention, you can send a complaint letter by mail to this address:

Bitbuy Technologies Inc.
341-110 Cumberland Street
Toronto, Ontario

Alternatively, you can also email your complaint to the company at:

Bitbuy will look into your complaint and respond to you in writing within five business days.

Affiliate Program

Bitbuy also has a helpful affiliate program that allows you to earn up to $200 on your referrals. You can learn more about this program on the “affiliate program” webpage that has helpful details you need to decide if it’s the right move for you.

The Bottom Line

Bitbuy is committed to ensuring that its customers can multiply their crypto earnings without a hitch. In this stride, the company offers devoted support to its platform and service users through its website, social media platforms, and email.

Regardless of how you reach out to Bitbuy, the company’s representatives will entertain your complaints and suggestions and answer your queries patiently, effectively, and timely.

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