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BCAA or the British Columbia Automobile Association is a one-stop-shop firm with the express aim of servicing all kinds of needs and requirements for motorists. From providing auto-insurance services and leisure travels to auto-touring and roadside assistance and discounts, BCAA is a nonprofit foundation which assists the Canadian motorist and traveler in multiple ways.

BCAA was first founded in 1906 as the Victoria Automobile Club, a joint association of like-minded motorists, to sum together a common pool in case anyone needed help with their vehicle or repair at any time.

Over time, BCAA started venturing out beyond its initial safety pool roots and added the various other ancillary facilities which it is now equally known for vehicle insurance. BCAA is firstly for the Canadian people who own automobile and other vehicles. Hence BCAA customer support is top of the line and always ensures its customers and clientele are satisfied.

This can be reflected in its origins which, as discussed above, lie in coming together for the common good and helping fellow people out.

Customer Support

BCAA exists primarily in the services industry or tertiary sector and thus smooth relations with its customers and clientele are the bread and butter of the company. To that end, BCAA customer support has a number of options available through which you can reach them as well as many other helpful avenues to gain information. All of this can be accessed by visiting their website.

We will now guide you through the many options to access BCAA customer support as well as other helpful features on their website.


Like all responsible customer support divisions, BCAA customer support also offers a dedicated helpline which can be reached at the following number.


This helpline can be used at any time for a number of purposes:

  • General inquiries and confusions
  • Making insurance claim
  • Over the phone purchases
  • Immediate roadside assistance

The helpline is thus your source for an immediate inquiry. The BCAA customer support is committed to resolving a query or problem that you might have.


If you want to think out your query more or go into considerable detail, you can send BCAA customer support an email on the form available on this page.

By simply entering the form, you can send your email and then await a detailed and considerate response from a BCAA customer support representative. BCAA takes the utmost care to treat its customer’s and client’s emails with the seriousness and diligence that they demand.

Store Locators

BCAA is an all-in-one corporate entity which provides a range of services related to all things vehicular and automobile. Therefore, they have two types of stores:

  • Service Locations
  • Autoservice Centres

The former are designed for their more general services like vehicle insurance or leisure travel plans and the like. The latter, meanwhile, are for vehicle-related physical work and repair services like roadside assistance or maintenance and the like.

The BCAA website has store locators for the two types of stores on its website. The locator for the Service Locations can be accessed here and the locator for the Autoservice Centres, here.

Social Media

Being one of the biggest and most well-known auto vehicle facilitators in Canada, BCAA maintains large and active profiles across many social media platforms. The main ones include the following:

By contacting BCAA on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can immediately access and converse with members of BCAA customer support. These avenues of social media allow the clearest of communication with no barriers and often responses are quicker. You can also interact with the broader BCAA community and exchange tips or plan trips with BCAA’s leisure travel plans.


Keeping in mind BCAA’s altruistic origins, BCAA customer support maintains an updated blog filled with topics and short articles of interests with topics ranging from everyday hacks and maintenance tips and tricks for your auto vehicle to more interesting off-topic articles.

These blog posts can not only provide valuable information but they also make it interesting for the readers. They also discuss highlight moments and events from the lives of the BCAA community.

The blog posts can be accessed here.

Community Ventures

BCAA works in a lot of ways to service and help the community whether that is advocating for school children, road safety, or improving the rights of workers.

Being a customer-oriented organization, safety and sense of community are very near and dear to founding core and origins of BCAA. You can find and participate in all of BCAA’s community programs and ventures here.

Trip Planner

BCAA recognizes and realizes that one of the great use and past times of its automobile clientele is going for great long rides to far-off destinations for tours, trips and getaways. To that end, BCAA customer support also offers a comprehensive trip-planning service where everything from your route to your hotel and your destination can be planned out.

No hassle or external negotiation is necessary as BCAA will do all the work for planning your trip according to your needs and particulars. BCAA’s trip planning can be accessed on this page which also offers travel guides to prominent Canadian cities.


As we can see, BCAA offers several options to its clients where you can contact them to communicate your queries and concerns. BCAA is not about making a profit. The organization is more focused on providing the best service to its clients and members. It is an attempt to give back to the community of Canadians automobile and vehicle owners.

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4 reviews

  1. Today my car broke down on the side of a busy highway and I called BCAA at 330 for a tow. I was told that given the dangerous spot I was in and that I am a single young woman, they would make it a ‘red flag’ priority
    It is now 5 hours later and I am still waiting. I called for updates 5 times and each time was told a story about delays and someone would be here in 30 minutes to an hour. My car battery is now dead from having the hazards on and it’s dark and cars are whizzing by.
    I can’t even lock my car because of the dead battery and I am stranded alone on the highway
    BCAA membership is a waste of money and their poor service has created a safety hazard for me and my dog who has been stuck in this car at 30 degree weather for 5 hours
    Don’t waste your money on these guys

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
  2. On March 25 2020, I had a small misadventure with my RV. It had two wheels off the road and got stuck in snow. I was in need of a small tug to get out of this unfortunate situation. After calling BCAA to get assistance I was told that it would take 5 hours before a tow truck could reach me. Right away, I found that odd since I was a mere 15 min drive from a major Canadian city. Ten minutes later, I received a call from BCAA telling me that I was outside of their contractor’s coverage area and I was basically on my own.

    After hanging up, I really felt betrayed and ashamed of myself. Ashamed for paying a membership (Premier RV ) to this organisation and in time of dire need, to get abandoned to rot on the side of the road on my first call. I had to find a Good Samaritan in this period of COVID 19 crisis to pull me out of the ditch. All of you members, I want you to reflect on this. Did you REALLY benefit from your membership?

    Sebastien Roy

    Paying member and RV owner

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
  3. Worst experience at Kelowna “service” centre. What a joke. I dropped off my car today for winter tire changeover for my 1 o’clock appointment and was told they needed at least 1.5 hours. When I went back 90 monutes later my car hadn’t even been moved! The service clerk didn’t apologize, just shrugged and said he was short staffed. I couldn’t allow anymore time and asked for my car keys. What a waste of my time. Im not happy.

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
  4. Worst customer service ever.
    They don’t return phone calls, don’t give strait answers, or clear information.
    My claim left me super frustrated.
    Get insurance somewhere else.

    Helpful We appreciate your evaluation.
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