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A&W is Canada’s oldest fast food chain. The franchise operates over 850 locations across Canada and as of 2016, it employs over 35,000 people.

Contacting a fast food chain is different than contacting other companies. With so many locations available, you might as well discuss your issues with the restaurant managers. General inquiries about the franchise and location-specific inquiries are dealt with by different departments.

All restaurants under the franchise deal with local problems and feedback on their own. You can contact them via phone or email. These are easily obtainable from A&W’s official website, if you just follow these steps presented below.

How to Contact A&W

Restaurant Experience

a-and-wIf you wish to give feedback or share your experience about an A&W location you visited, doing it by phone is usually the quickest way. On A&W’s contact page you can choose “Restaurant Experience” as your feedback topic.

You can narrow down the number of restaurants by choosing a province from the provided list and then a city. Once you have located the restaurant, the telephone number will be provided. You also have the option of selecting the time and date of when you were at that restaurant.

If you fill in all the fields but would rather not call, you can type in your feedback message in the text box they provide. There are three options available for you to check before submitting a text feedback.

  • There is no need to contact

Choosing this option and not mentioning a name in your feedback means that anything you have to say will remain anonymous. You should note that leaving an anonymous message won’t fix any problems you have. It is usually best to choose one of the other methods of contact to better ensure that A&W would treat the matter seriously

  • Contact by telephone

If you choose this option you will be asked to provide a phone number and your name. You can expect a callback at any time. It will depend on whether or not your issue can be addressed quickly. You can also use this method to voice a complaint and ask for compensation or an apology. These issues are usually addressed by the restaurant’s manager working that day

  • Contact by email

If you do not want to speak over the phone with anyone, you can always choose to have a discussion over email. Pick this option and input your name and email address and wait for a reply to your message.

General Inquiries

For general inquiries regarding menu, franchise, and locations, you should use the “General Inquiry” option. You can type in your message in the text box and submit it after choosing a method of contact. It’s important to know that by going the route of general inquiries you won’t be able to choose a specific province or city. Nor will you be able to choose a specific restaurant.

  • There is no need to contact

Choosing this option might not yield any result as there will be no means for A&W representatives to get back to you with a response

  • Contact by telephone

You can choose this method if you want to receive a callback over the phone, with the information you requested

  • Contact by email

This method is less formal but still a good way to get the information you need

How to Browse A&W Locations

A&W’s main website has an interactive map with a search filter. This can be found under their “Locations” link on the top menu of their website. Once you’re on the page, you can search for either a city or the entire province. You can even type in a full address if you know where a restaurant is located. For any address you type, you can choose to display results for restaurants that are presently open and restaurants with a drive-thru.

Once you click on a restaurant from your list of results, you will be given the full address, store hours, and information on what amenities the restaurant offers. The map will also center on that location so you can get a better idea of where it is located.

Contact A&W via Social Media

You can either search for A&W’s official Facebook and Twitter pages with the methods listed below, or access them directly from the platform’s associated logos featured at the bottom of A&W’s webpage.


You can search on Facebook for AWCanada to send the company a message through social media. The usual response time is within minutes. Although it is recommended that for location specific inquiries you should use the phone, general inquiries can be addressed through Facebook private messages too.


@AWCanada is A&W’s official Twitter page. Apart from listing deals, promotions, menu updates and new location openings, the page is also used to receive feedback from customers via tweets or private messages. You can choose Twitter as a way of expressing some concerns or asking questions to human customer support representatives.

Contact A&W for a Job Opportunity

If you are curious about what it takes to work for A&W, you can try applying for a position at the headquarters or one of the restaurants. You can do it by first accessing their “Careers” link from the bottom of their homepage.

From there you can choose to apply online by selecting the province and city you would like to work in. A list of available opportunities will be provided once you have made your initial selections. A more comprehensive form requesting personal information will be provided in the last step.

You can also apply in person on-site at your favorite location. To do this, you must first download their standard application document which can be found on A&W’s “Careers” page.

Dual Language Support

The website is fully functional in both English and French. All pages are translated including those that contain information on contact, locations and job applications. You can switch between the languages at the bottom of the page. The two language options are easily seen next to a picture of a red maple leaf.

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13 Reviews
  1. Stuart Johnston 2 weeks ago

    – After having an angioplasty and a stent installed in one of my arteries, my cardiologist impressed upon me that I should move away from eating animal protein and seek to eat non-animal protein only. I used to like Tim’s coffee so on the way to work it was practical/easy to pick up one of their ‘better than sausage’ sandwiches along the way – the sandwich also had tomato and lettuce on it – yum yum. So approx. 4-5 months ago, Tim’s discontinued with the sale of these sandwiches (they stated that sales/revenue wasn’t where they needed it to be to be profitable) – I was quite disappointed.
    – So when looking for alternatives, I was pleased to find that A&W offered a delicious breakfast sandwich option that was quite similar – meatless, tasty, and offered with tomato and lettuce as well. This, combined with the coffee improvement, made A&W a nice relatively healthy option through the week. Now just today, when I went to purchase my preferred meatless breakfast sandwich from A&W, it was gone…. discontinued.
    – Beyond my personal disappointment, I am a little confused since I t was my understanding that the over-all trend for our society was to improve our diet(s) and become more healthy – offering a meatless alternative for people is an important part of that trend. Whoever, or whichever shareholders involved with making this decision, appear to be ‘way off’ when it comes to addressing and projecting what people’s needs are (or where your future profit lies). I love the taste of beef, but most all of the quality research out there shows very clearly just how harmful the use of beef is, re: personal health, environmental costs, etc. The decision to take the meatless alternative off the market has lots of consequences, and from my personal perspective, it really sucks .. my personal health is impacted by it.





  2. Bernd Doberstein 10 months ago

    I have never bee so disappointed with my breakfast meal at 1718 Erin Ridge St Albert. I asked for the eggs over medium-dry brown toast, crisp bacon, and the sausages well done. After waiting how long I get my meal eggs not really over medium, uncooked bacon and sausages are not the way I wanted them. I said to the server that the bacon is not crisp and the next table said to me that is the way they wanted it too. I did not think the server was going to bring me some crisp bacon so I asked another server. Then brought some bacon which is completely opposite of well done, nearly burnt!I was at this location a couple of times before and I was really impressed with the breakfast.





  3. Wendy Hetherton 12 months ago

    I need an email address for the a&w head office, can someone help me.





  4. Murray Lowe 1 year ago

    I would like to ask A&W why people that do not like a spicy product are subjected to having to purchase them? Or just throw coupons away that they cannot enjoy. I have received a set of your coupons lately that states you are not allowed to interchange the Spicy habanero chicken for anything including just a chicken burger. Just because there are new people moving into Canada with different tastes than Canadians why should food turn into a challenge for us to enjoy? There are many things not in your coupons for people with sensitivity to beef burgers or whatever they are. This would also be like something that doesn’t make them ill to eat. I am asking because when I was young A&W food seemed to be much more enjoyable. I know I am one out of millions of customers and do not mean anything special to you folks but I thought maybe you could give some thought to the few of us. Thanks for reading this blurb





  5. alison moore 2 years ago

    I have been a big fan of A&W for years, untill my last visit which was Sunday
    I ordered 2 combos and of course root beer as my drink , my question is
    WHY AND WHEN did you decide to change your straws to 100% compostable did you try this product before you replaced the plastic straws. I would say you did not because these straws are terrible and fall apart before you even finish the drink you ordered.

  6. Liz Kranz 2 years ago

    While visiting your A&W in Huntsville, Ontario. I was very please to have the option of a meatless burger. Good for you. It was amazing.

    When I asked the server for no mayo and no cheese=Vegan+ she was very helpful and accommodating and pleasant.

    Thank-you so much for such a YUMMY burger for those of us who wish to eat ethically.

    I have heard MANY people comment that this is the best burger they have ever had.

    Good job, A&W.

  7. Mary 2 years ago

    I live , literally, two minutes drive from the A&W.
    I went to the drive thru and ordered a coney fry and 3 piece children strips. When I arrived home (again a two minute drive) my fries were ice cold; the Coney fry sauce had no sauce, just thick clumps of ground beef with spices; chicken strips were cold and looked over cooked. Come on, we pay enough for this take out food and A&W should have better standards than this. This was unacceptable service of food and certainly was NOT worth the money I spent. I’d say you are failing and need to step it up or you will lose a lot of business. Word of mouth can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

  8. Roger 2 years ago

    Tres mauvais service a la succursale de boucherville. Employes pas former et cuisinnier pas polie avec les clients. Je ne retourne Jamais a ce restaurant.

  9. Diana 3 years ago

    My husband and I went to the A & W in Bolton this morning (Simcoe Day) at exactly 11:01am and ordered breakfast. (I had seen an ad for all-day breakfast.) When the cashier asked the cook if it was not too late for the full breakfast, he just grunted at her and looked angry. She said since it was after 11am, we could only have breakfast sandwiches. Needless to say, we left since we were only 1 minute late!

  10. pam 3 years ago

    I was at 32 &32 st location had breakfast eggs where cold bacon bone cold has brown dark brown reheated again and toast luck warm horrible! 3 other people complained eggs runny toast nor cooked one guys sausage still frozen I spoke with superior he did nothing. I also asked for brown Bread the lady said they don’t have and then 10 min later a lady had breakfast with brown bread. Horrible food and service.

  11. Deborah Toth 4 years ago

    I absolutely love A&W, in fact it is the only take out food I eat. I will
    drive a few extra miles just to get to a location. Today I attended a location on Chemong Rd, Peterborough. I ordered my usual MoMA burger, cheese, bacon, no onion or pickle, fries & root beer. I get home all excited to sit down & eat my lunch when I see how wrong my burger is. My burger had no bacon, no cheese (which I paid extra for). The only thing on the burger was mayo. I don’t normally like to complain but I live 20 km away from the closest location so it’s not just down the street. I was so disappointed that I just had to share.

  12. Julie Armitage 4 years ago

    My husband & I brought our 8 year old grande daughter to a&w in grande prairie Alberta 111441 100 ave at 10 am this morning. The girl serving us was so snotty there was no brown bread then no chocolate milk I had ordered pancakes for my grand daughter after she slammed them on the corner of the table all the food in one place I noticed there was no syrup. I went to ask for some. She said there was none that they ran out & she thought it was funny. She was smirking the whole time. I’m so angry this is the 3rd time with that same girl She is so rude to everyone. How do you serve pancakes with no syrup. .????? She didn’t even care. I want to talk to to someone………

  13. Pina 4 years ago

    yesterday at around 4 in the afternoon, I went to A&W on Major Mackenzie and Weston road in Woodbridge, Ontario, to get 2 Chubby chickenburgers with double meat, one for me snd one for my dad, when  I got home, my dad opened his up and got sodisgusted, the chicken was so hard, couldnt even eat it, I then brought them both back and spoke to the manager, all he did was give me my 7 dollars and change back,no apology, didnt  even ask me if I wanted something else, I wasnt very happy at all, that was the last time there for me, I went home and emailed head office, I would appreciate if something could get rectified, I would like some sort of rectification, I hope some one will get back to me today

    Thank You

    Pina Papeo
    Not happy at all

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