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Amway is a global direct selling giant with incredible worldwide sales.

Established in 1959 by Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, Amway manufactures and distributes beauty, nutrition, home, and personal care products. Amway products are sold exclusively in 100 countries via Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs).

The company is a pioneer and champion of new ideas and innovation. It holds more than 800 patents and continues to invest in manufacturing and R&D facilities to enable people to reach their full potentials.

Started as a company to provide a better life for everyone, Amway continues to provide excellent customer care to its customers and IBOs. The company upholds its strong policies and support via its official website.

Here are all the ways in which Amway provides you with its excellent customer service:

Contact Amway

There are multiple ways in which you can contact Amway if you have a query or concern regarding their products or services.

If you want to talk to an Amway customer representative directly, call the company at:

  • 1-800-265-5470

From Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET.

Amway also gives you the opportunity to share your concern or issue with the company by sharing your screen with its representative via zoom. It also has a telecomm device and communication feature for the deaf. If you have TDD equipment, you can reach out to Amway at 1-800-548-3878.

If you have any queries regarding a product, delivery service, or any other Amway service, you can also email the company at You can also send an email form to the company as a registered customer and as an Amway guest.

Support Center

Amway has a comprehensive help center on its website with a wide array of help and support categories that have separate webpages dedicated to them:

  • Orders and Returns: This webpage has all the information you could possibly need to know about your order, such as processing, tracking, and returns.
  • Shipping and Delivery: It has all the shopping details, including charges and expected delivery dates.
  • Policies and Terms: This webpage has information on the website’s specific policies, rules of conduct, product warranties, and more.
  • Your Account: It has information on how to reset your password and the self-registration process for potential customers.
  • AmPerks™: This webpage includes every bit of information that you could possibly need to learn on AmPerks, such as comprehensive FAQs and terms and conditions.

Career at Amway

Amway also has a dedicated Career webpage, where you can browse through various job categories to find something that piques your interest. Alternatively, you can search for job openings on the website by entering the keyword and location or title, location, and date.

Social Media Presence

Away has an active social media presence on various platforms, including:

Follow Amway on these platforms to stay up to date with new products, app features, and so much more. You can reach out to its representatives on these platforms by interacting with the posts and videos as well as messaging them directly.

Start a Business with Amway

Amway offers you the opportunity to start a business with the company. You will have the chance to sell high-quality everyday products to consumers and earn profits from every sale. The company also provides you with the tools, resources, and incentives you need to advance your business.

Amway Mobile Apps

Amway provides you with the opportunity to run your business on your smartphone via its mobile applications:

The Amway™ App

This app enables you to shop Amway products and manage your business on the go. You can use the app to check PV/BV status, register new IBOs and customers, view downline performance, and so much more. Access the links below to download the app:

Switch, Sell, Build

The Switch, Sell, Build app is designed to assist IBOs in describing the wonderful Amway opportunity to others. You can use the app to promote Amway products. The app also enables you to create a set strategy for a profitable business, generate volume via customer sales, measure the impact of switching everyday products at Amway, and grow your business by sharing this strategy or concept with others. Access the links below to download the app:

Amway™ Education App

This app is designed for Amway Independent Business Owners. It provides them access to free presentations, courses, and podcasts to help build their business. All you have to do is log in with your Amway ID to access the information.

Amway™ Resource Center App

This app is your go-to source for Amway-approved materials to enable you to take your business to new heights of success. It includes helpful features, such as videos, product information, music, social media posts, business-building material, and more.

Amway™ Events App

The Events App will help you stay up to date with all Amway events. With the app, you can access the schedule of various events, read their program descriptions, and find information on the scheduled activities.

Artistry™ Virtual Beauty App

This app enables you to discover products that are the right fit for you. You can mix and match various makeup and beauty products, analyze your skin health, discover your skincare routine, and more. The app’s smart facial detection provides you exceptional true-to-life makeup applications in real-time.

Bodykey™ Smartloss™ App

With this app, you can finally learn how to build sustainable healthy habits to help you achieve optimal health. You can track your steps and daily weight via a digital tracker and scale. You will also have access to a digital coach who can teach you how to hit your weight loss goals via personalized suggestions. You can also use the BodyKey™ SmartLoss™ Eating Plan to monitor your daily food intake.

Atmosphere™ Connect App

This app enables you to control and monitor the air quality in your room from anywhere with Wi-Fi access. You need to pair it with the Atmosphere Sky™ Air Treatment System. It allows you to change fan speed, adjust settings, and track the usage of HEPA and carbon filters.

The Bottom Line

Amway continues to serve its IBOs and customers via its website and social media platforms. You can reach out to its customer service representatives via email and call. Amway will continue to provide you with the resources, help, and support you need to flourish your business and benefit from its products.

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