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Are you looking to make smart financial decisions that will turn your life around? Look no further – American Express is the solution to all your problems! Also known as the Amex, it is an American MNC.

A financial services corporation, American Express has its headquarters in New York. However, if you are looking for a reliable credit card, American Express also operates in Canada and is available to fulfill all your financial needs!

American Express offers you a wide variety of financial services including credit cards, personal cards, corporate cards, and gift cards! They also offer insurance and allow you to make transactions related to travel via their service.

The American Express Company has been around since 1850. Owing to the quality of services they provide, it does not come as a surprise that in 2017, the company was ranked as the 23rd most valuable brand name in the world by Forbes.

The secret behind the success of the company is that at American Express, Canada, the customers’ needs always come first! Customer satisfaction is one of the most valued parts of this corporation and that is exactly why they have such a carefully constructed customer services department in place. They aim to ensure that you have the best possible experience!

So much so that in 2011, American Express Canada received the SQM Award for Highest Customer Satisfaction – an esteemed award in the Credit Card Industry!

Customer Support

American Express Canada has a vast customer support service that is easy to connect. Moreover, they are prompt with their responses. Whether you have a query or a complaint, you can reach out to their customer support services very easily!

Their website can be visited by clicking here. If you have an American Express account, you can easily access their email information through the website.

And if you are looking for more information to contact their customer support services, we’re here to provide you with a basic guide on how you can reach them and access their services.

Calling Options

American Express Canada’s customer support services are available to provide you with live support 24/7. Their numbers are functional throughout the day. If you’ve lost your card or if it has been stolen, you can contact them on their Toronto number:

(905) 474-0870

They will be more than happy to arrange a new card for you at the earliest.

If you have more queries or need to ask any general questions, they are available to you on this toll-free numbers:


This number is up and running all day and all night so you can opt to contact them any day of the week without having to worry about any external factors.

If you want to apply for a personal card, you can contact them at 1-800-567-2639 and at 1-877-891-0821 for a business card.

Post Options

If you are more traditional in your approach and want to reach American Express Canada through a more personal route, you can connect to them via post. The address that you should use is:

American Express 
General Correspondence 
P.O, Box 3204 STN ‘F’ 
Toronto, Ontario
M1W 3W7 

FAQ’s Page

To make things easier for you, American Express Canada has compiled all the questions that they are asked most often in one place. If you are too shy to make a phone call or simply do not have the time to call or mail them, you can check out their FAQ’s page.

They have answered questions in relation to the payments you have to make, the cards that you are using and even the email address that you have used!

If you have a query, chances are that it has already been answered on the Frequently Asked Questions page. You can access this page simply by clicking here. Learn everything you need to know about the payment plans without having to make any sort of effort to contact anyone!

Additional Services

If you are wondering about the additional services that American Express Canada offers to you to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, we have got you covered.

Rewards Program

To make sure that you know how valued you are as a customer, American Express Canada offers an exclusive rewards program to its members. You cultivate points as you use your card. These points can be utilized in multiple ways.

For example, you can choose to shop with your points or redeem them in the form of gift cards. You can also choose to add them to a travel program. The choice is all yours! American Express is just here to facilitate your experience.

Online Services

To maximize your experience and make sure that it is the most accessible for you, American Express, Canada has also introduced online services that you can enroll in by clicking here.

There are a lot of advantages to these online services. You can easily view your billing information and your current balance both on a PC and on your cell phone. This makes it easier to record your financial decisions.

Furthermore, you can also customize your account to your liking. What this means is that you will not only receive your account statement earlier than you would if you used traditional mail, but you can also customize text message notifications that get sent to you.

You can choose the alerts that you want to get in regards to both your account and your transactions.

You can also make various payments directly from your online account to your American Express card without having to physically go anywhere.

The Amex App

In order to make your online experience even smoother, American Express has introduced its very own Amex App that you can download onto your phone. It gives you quick access to your account, lets you view your transaction history, monitor any and all purchases that you make, and allows you to make payments online. You can get access to the application here or download it off your app store today.

If you want to contact American Express Canada, opt for any of the options listed above.

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