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Alamo Rent A Car entered the car rental business in 1974 with only four locations in Florida. Travelers to the Sunshine State instantly fell in love with Alamo’s low-cost and high-quality rental program. By 1982, Alamo built huge rental plazas in both Tampa and Orlando to keep up with demand. Most tourists to Orlando probably already know that Alamo has been the official rental car company of the Walt Disney World Resort since 2002. Throughout the years, Alamo has spread its reach to countries all around the world.

The most recent additions to Alamo‘s locations list include Waikiki in 2012 and Uruguay in 2013. Alamo Rent A Car has been a proud subsidiary of Enterprise Holdings ever since 2007. Today, Alamo vehicles can be rented in all major cities across Canada, the USA, Oceania, Mexico, Latin America, southern Africa, South America, and Europe.

Alamo customer service

People planning on using Alamo’s rental car services should know how to get in contact with the company just in case something goes wrong with their vehicle. To reach Alamo’s dedicated Customer Service line, just call (888) 233-8749. If you want to make a reservation with an Alamo representative, you can call (800) 651-1223.

Alamo customer supportThose of you reading this article probably live in Canada, but there’s no telling where in the world you’ll be when using an Alamo rental car. That’s why we’ve scoured the World Wide Web for the most helpful URLs on Alamo. Follow the links below to help you have the most convenient Alamo experience.

  • Here’s Alamo’s “Customer Help” page. You’ll see a list of useful FAQs on the bottom of the page well worth perusing. On the right hand side of the screen you’ll find three extremely helpful links. The first will help you with lost items, the second will allow you to send an email directly to Alamo, and the third lists important phone numbers every Alamo customer should know.
  • This is Alamo‘s official “Locations” page. Just select your desired country, state/province, and city. After you click “Find,” you’ll be taken to another screen that will tell you all about the closest Alamo locations’ hours of operation and addresses. You can then either click on “View Details” to get more info on this particular location, or you could click “Book Now” to reserve your vehicle right from your home computer.
  • On this website you’ll get to see all of Alamo’s rental vehicles. You can view more details on any of these autos simply by clicking on “View Details” or “Check Availability.” If you want to, you can reserve one of these cars right from this webpage.
  • Everyone nowadays has a YouTube page. It’s just a fact of our modern life. Alamo’s YouTube page has various useful and funny videos, especially for anyone planning on going on a vacation. The most popular videos are those in the “Don’t Ignore Vacation” series, all of which encourage American workers to use all of their vacation time.

People who want to send Alamo a physical letter should use this address:

Alamo Car Rental Corporate Office Headquarters
600 Corporate Park Drive
Louis, MO 63105

You can call this office using the number (314) 512-2880. If you need to fax this headquarters a document, use the fax number (314) 512-4706.

Alamo is a very social media savvy company. Facebook users can “friend” Alamo using this web address. People who have a Twitter account can follow Alamo here. Google + fans can find Alamo’s profile on this URL. You can find Alamo’s Instagram page right here. And, lastly, Alamo’s Pinterest profile can be found by clicking this link.

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