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One of the best global telecommunications enterprises, Airtel has been providing customers with stellar services since 1995. It’s a pioneering business which outsources all business operations while keeping marketing, sales, and finance. The company ranks as India’s second best telecommunication service provider and offers 2G, 3G and 4G mobile services.

Currently, Airtel provides services to over 1,168.9 million people, with a net income of Rs 830 million in 2018. As one of the most popular services in India, Airtel also provides tele-media and digital TV services besides providing mobile telecom services.

Currently, the telecommunications company offers services in Africa, Asia, and countries like the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Hong Kong, France, Singapore and Japan.

Besides providing exceptional telecommunication services, Airtel is also popular for its customer support. Looking to know more or are an existing user wanting to get in touch? Here’s how.

Home Services

Airtel offers fixed telephone and broadband services to customers across India. With excellent broadband and speed, the service provides up to 100mbps to clients as well as durable equipment.


Airtel is one of the most trusted services in India, with a big portfolio of high-end clients like the government, businesses, and other enterprises. Airtel also offers business operations like network integration, data centers, managed IT services, enterprise mobility applications, and digital media, which have helped businesses enhance their growth.

Digital TV Services

Airtel isn’t restricted to just mobile services. Throughout India, it provides excellent digital TV services with 3D and Dolby surround sound. Currently, they offer 635 channels, out of which 80 are HD, 5 are international, and 3 offer interactive services.

Calling Airtel Customer Support

For customers who are existing users of the Prepaid and Postpaid services, the following numbers can be dialed directly from your mobile phone:

For Queries and Requests: Dial 121 from your phone.
For Complaints: Dial 198 from your phone.

For those who have broadband services and are existing customers, call 121 for assistance. And for prospective customers looking to know more about their services and avail them, locate a localized call center by clicking here and get in touch!

And for customers looking for DTH services, dial 12150 from your mobile phone or locate a localized call center by clicking here and get in touch!

Emailing Airtel Customer Support

For those who prefer email, Airtel offers customer support on their email for those looking to reach out.

A customer representative will soon get in touch with answers regarding your query, complaints and so on.

Get Social with Airtel

For Airtel, customer comfort comes first. That’s why they’ve branched out their reachability to social media platforms. From customer complaints, quick queries, and even simple solutions, Airtel’s social media presence has helped increase their customer portfolio and has brought trustworthy services to people.

As one of the most customer-friendly and engaging enterprises out there, the corporation can be reached on the following social media platforms:

Download the Airtel App

Airtel also provides its customers with an app to make their experience a more seamless one. With tons of features like exclusive rewards, personalized offers, and other benefits, their app is available to download on any smartphone!

It also provides easy access to your data information, allows customers to use the Airtel UPI to make instant payments for bills, utilities and recharges and also offers customers a large archive of digital media like movies to enjoy!

Airtel Customer Support FAQs

How do I get in touch with customer support?

They’ve highlighted the numbers 121 and 198 for queries, requests, and complaints, and have also provided a link for non-Airtel users to get in touch, too! They’re also very active on email and can be contacted at

I want to view my current bill

Customers can view their bill at any time of the month. By simply downloading the App, going onto Manage Account, My Account and Summary, they can fully view their data.

I want to know the details of my last 5 transactions.

Airtel provides its customers with comprehensive services. Customers can view their transaction history via:

  1. The App – By going to Add Account >> My Account and tapping on the home screen and Recharge History, they can review the information.
  2. Customers can also dial *121*7# to know the details.
  3. Customers can also log into the website and click on Usage Details to know about their last 5 transactions.

Porting to Airtel

Airtel has definitely made a name for itself by providing accessible and super fast telecommunication services all throughout India and 18 other countries around the globe.

Join the Airtel family now – get in touch with Airtel customer support to know more about how Airtel can offer you the best services suited to your individual needs.

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