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Airtel is one of Calgary’s most reputable and dependable communication services. Providing customers and businesses with telecommunication products including handsets& accessories, cell phones, and push-to-talk devices. No matter if you are a single individual, a small business of five employees, or a company of 100 employees, Airtel has the capabilities to assist your specific needs.

What make’s Airtel so exceptional is the services and benefits that is accompanied with their plans. Whether you want to purchase packages that include only the amount of time that you will need, or one of the flat-rate unlimited options, it is clear that consumers are part of Airtel’s core values.

If you would like to speak to an Airtel representative, please feel free to use the following phone numbers listed below. (Note, that there are no charges associated with using the phone numbers listed. Check with your phone provider just in case you have any concerns about additional charges that may apply.)

  • Main phone number: 403-257-7100
  • Fax number: 403-257-7101

airtelFor individuals who would like to see information via internet, below is a list of helpful links which will guide you to your specific needs.

If you would like to acquire more detailed information, here are a few supplemental points. These are a few main sectors that Airtel Wireless provides services for that will benefit your initial inquires.

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc., that you would like to send directly through mail, feel free to note the following address for your usage.

111, 3851 Manchester Road SE
Calgary, AB T2G 3Z8

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  1. Rob 3 years ago

    Good support, thanks for the info guys!


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