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Afterpay is a global platform founded in Sydney, Australia, in 2015 that supports a large and diverse community of shoppers. Afterpay can be used by shoppers as their payment method when shopping. Afterpay will cover the amount, and the user has the opportunity to pay the company back over the course of 6 weeks without any interest.

Although Afterpay was only founded six years ago, today, they have amassed millions of global customers and tens of thousands of merchant partners. The platform is currently being used in Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the EU (where it is known as Clearpay).

Afterpay started as a solution to support a global community of shoppers. Today, Afterpay empowers customers to access goods and services they want and require without it entailing financial difficulty.

Moreover, the process is simple and keeps the customer at the forefront by allowing them to pay back the company in four separate instalments over the course of six weeks. The business model of the company is such that customers who pay on time and spend responsibly without incurring interest will always avail Afterpay’s services for free.

Since Afterpay essentially operates within the realm of a customer’s finances, it is very important for the company to be accessible to customers who have questions, concerns, issues, or complaints.

Thankfully, Afterpay has pretty comprehensive customer care services available directly on the website.

Afterpay Help Center

Afterpay’s website includes a Help Center where you can contact an Afterpay customer care representative directly through text message. Here, you will find a number of pre-listed categories to choose from, each one being a common customer concern or complaint.

At the Afterpay Help Center, you can select from one of the many categories and navigate through the options before being permitted to send your email to Afterpay directly from the website.

Therefore, if you want to contact Afterpay or get in touch with an Afterpay customer care representative, you can access the Contact Afterpay page through the Help Center. Here, you will find three categories:

  • Can I send you a message?
  • Can I call you and speak to someone?
  • Make a complaint about Afterpay

Afterpay has devoted many generic Ambien of its team members to working digitally and improving their response times to customer queries and concerns. However, the company does not have a phone number on which you can call and speak to a customer care representative directly.

However, Afterpay does provide you with the option of sending them as detailed a message as you desire. Afterpay customer care representatives are available 7 days a week to respond to the written questions, queries, concerns, and complaints of their customers.

To file your query or complaint with Afterpay, use this link to access the Request Submission page on Afterpay’s website. Alternatively, you can access this page by visiting the Afterpay help center, and under the category ‘Contact Afterpay’, select the option ‘Make a Complaint about Afterpay.’

You will then be redirected to the request submission page, where you will be asked to enter your email address and other contact information. After this, you can use the text box to write your complaint, query, concern, or question in as much detail as possible.

Remember, an Afterpay customer care representative will get back to your query soon enough. However, you will make life much easier for them, and by extension for yourself, by providing them as much detail about your confusion or dissatisfaction as you possibly can.

Afterpay Contact

If you don’t have a comprehensive complaint or query to submit to an Afterpay customer care representative, you will most likely be able to find your query listed on the Afterpay Contact Page. Here, you will find several categories

Each of the queries listed on Afterpay’s Contact Page will redirect you to a form where you will get the chance to provide your contact information along with some details about your particular query or concern.

Some of the categories listed on Afterpay’s Contact Page are as follows, and you can click the link provided to access the relevant form for each query listed below.

Afterpay on Social Media

Afterpay is quite active on several social media sites where customers can obtain the latest news, updates, and information about the service. Afterpay is active on the following social media sites.

Afterpay on LinkedIn

On Afterpay’s LinkedIn page, you can find lots of information about the various vendors and merchants that Afterpay has recently partnered up with. Moreover, you can get firsthand information about various job openings at Afterpay and also skim through community endorsements of the company to get a better idea of how they operate.

Afterpay on Instagram

Afterpay is pretty active on Instagram, where they regularly post updates on various sales and promotions and also provide several pro tips on using Afterpay in the most effective way possible. Here, you will also find several endorsements by social media celebrities and satisfied Afterpay customers alike.

Afterpay on Facebook

Afterpay is very active on their Facebook page, where they regularly post updates about their services and update their timeline with promotional posts. They also post on behalf of small businesses and vendors that they have partnered with to reach a wider audience with their services.

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