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Acura is a part of the automobile brand Honda and deals in their luxury vehicle division. It first started in the US and Canada in 1986 and later expanded to other parts of the world as well. In 1991 Acura finally made its debut in Hong Kong and has since been introduced in Mexico, Kuwait, and China. Because of economic reasons the brand has never been launched in Japan.

The purpose of the brand was to market luxury, high-performance vehicles for a specific target audience. Acura’s establishment inspired other car companies to introduce its luxury brands such as Lexus and Infiniti.   

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The company’s dedication and loyalty towards their customers and the introduction of new models following the new millennium is what made it immensely popular in North America. Currently, Acura is well known on the sports car racing circuit and in the consumer automobile market for its numerous high performance, luxury SUV and sedan models. Acura has come leaps and bounds since its first luxury models and now offers a wide variety of technologically advanced cars that give the brand a cutting edge on the competition.

Acura is popular in Canada for high-end luxury cars and exceptional customer satisfaction. It ensures that it does not only deliver high quality products, but the services associated with it such as Acura customer care is also of the highest quality. This is why it is the top-most luxury car order cheap Valium brand in Canada.

Acura also ensures that its customers are able reach out to them whenever they need. For that, it has an active customer support team and easy access options available.

Customer Support Services

Acura Canada has a website designed to support the models, services, and news related to Canada only. This makes it easier for the customers to reach out to them and learn everything they need to know about its Canadian segment.

Contact Information

Acura Canada has a direct communication channel through its multiple help lines. They have customer care representatives that specialize in a number of different areas including client services, roadside assistance, and accessibility and compliance. The customer care representatives hired by the company are trained and skilled to deal hands-on with the problems that customers face. They are given professional training to ensure that no customer or their issue is left unresolved.

Acura’s clients can reach out to the support team through the helpline, email, or by mail.

  • 1-888-9-ACURA-9 (1-888-922-8729) – The Acura helpline is available from Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 7:30pm (Eastern Time). There are a number of customer care representatives attending the calls so customers don’t have to hold on for too long. The representatives ensure that the customers are given complete assistance on their queries and issues. The customers are also given the option to rate and review the call and assistance, their experience, and leave their feedback at the end of the call.
  • – You can also reach out to them through email, which allows you to be more comprehensive and keep everything documented. Acura ensures prompt replies to their customers. Some of the emails are also responded by members of their senior staff to ensure that customers feel heard.
  • Mail – Acura is a brand for luxury cars but it still believes in the traditional mailing service. It has an active and publicly available mailing address where customers can send in their queries, feedback, or comments. The mailing address for Canadian clients is:
    Honda Canada Customer Relations,
    180 Honda Blvd.
    Markham, ON,
    L6C 0H9 – Canada

Not only do they receive letters and reply back, they also send in newsletters and other official letters to their clients to stay connected.

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Roadside Assistance

Since Acura deals in automobiles, most of its queries are related to the functions and operations of different car models. This is why Acura customer care is available for roadside assistance as well. If you are an Acura customer and you face any problem with your car in the middle of the road, who better to call for assistance than the car company itself?

The customer care representatives are skilled professionals who know exactly how to deal with Acura cars. This gives the customers a sense of security that they can reach out to the professionals who will guide them rightly. Acura also encourages its customers to always reach out to its support team for queries about the car and not to local mechanics.

The Acura Plus Roadside Assistance helpline is 1-800-565-PLUS (1-800-565-7587) – it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a priority helpline so they ensure prompt responses.

The AcuraLink app is an application for smartphones. It allows all Acura customers to connect to their car through their phones. This advanced technology allows customers convenience and security when it comes to their cars. They can take care of their car’s security at a single touch. Customers can download the application on their iOS or Android phones. For assistance using the app, they can contact on the AcuraLink helpline – 1-855-335-5465, Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 6:00pm (EST).

Social Media

Like every modern brand, Acura customer care team is reachable through their active social media presence. You can access them for comments, feedback, queries, or reviews through;

  • Instagram: The Instagram page is up-to-date with recent events such as racing and introduction of new models.
  • Facebook: The Acura Facebook page is an active platform where customers can comment and share their experiences and interact with the team. The customer care team and even senior officials are active on the page and ensure interaction with customers.
  • Twitter: For more prompt responses and updates on the brand, you can follow their Twitter page.
  • YouTube: The YouTube channel has new videos and teasers of new models, and informative documentaries with the automobile engineers about Acura.

ProFirst Collision Facility

Acura offers the certified ProFirst Collision Repair Facility to its customers for the safe repair of Acura vehicles and to provide support to repair businesses dealing with Acura vehicles. By being a part of the program, customers are given confidence that their damaged vehicles will be repaired in a safe manner.

Acura customer care team provides you with the accredited repair facilities available near you along with increased recognition with the repair facilities available. You can directly access the repair parts catalogue and ensure that your car is repaired using original parts.

Acura ensures that not just the car buying experience, but even the post-car deal experience is as smooth as possible. After all, for Acura, customer satisfaction comes first.

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  1. Recently moved back to B.C. from the U.S.and wanted to transfer the warranty to Canada.

    Had a very frustrating and irritating time trying to provide the 5 documents required. Could not provide a U.S. driver’s license, as I had to surrender my Illinois license to obtain my B.C. license.

    Two reps I communicated with were of no help whatsoever. Finally, after complaining about this onerous requirement, this situation was quickly resolved by MARK ABRAMS from customer relations. He cut through the bureaucratic fog.

    Thanks and many kudos to MARK ABRAMS, customer relations. My kind of guy.

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  2. Love Acura. You pay a little more but you get so much more! The customer rep who helped me last time in Richmond was fantastic. Thanks Acura!

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