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Acorn TV is a British television streaming platform. With a subscription to this streaming platform, you can watch various TV shows from Britain and other places.

The platform has TV shows of different genres, such as comedy, drama, mystery, and so on. It also features a healthy selection of documentaries for those TV watchers who enjoy being educated and entertained at the same time.

Acorn TV is available only in Canada and the United States. Its subscription fees are also cheaper than other competitors like Netflix. In Canada, you can start using Acorn TV by paying $7.49 (plus applicable taxes) every month.

While the selection of TV shows is limited to mostly British TV on Acorn TV, it contains dozens of shows that are available on this streaming platform exclusively.

So, the platform offers unique value to its customers. In addition to that, it also adds new shows to its collection every week. To improve its customer experience, Acorn TV also has adequate customer support services. This article goes over several ways in which you can get support from this streaming platform and resolve your issue.

Acorn TV Customer Care Services

Acorn TV uses a do-it-yourself approach with its customer support services. It has an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section for its Help Center, where users can find answers without contacting anybody.

That said, there are other options as well. Below are many different ways you can get customer support services from this company or get in touch with a representative.

Online Support and Useful Resources

If you’re looking to speak to a representative at Acorn TV for assistance, you cannot, unfortunately. It does not have a contact number that you can call. This pertains to customers in both Canada and the United States. So, all support services at Acorn TV are online.

Send an Email

Communicating via email with a customer support representative is a great way to seek answers for whatever questions you may have. This communication method provides you with written proof of every bit of detail that Acorn TV communicates.

This proof may not seem important, but it can help you provide evidence to any claims that Acorn TV denies after first making them. You can also make sure that your email is clear about what your problem is by explaining it in detail.

Another good thing about email is that you do not need to worry about contacting them at specific working hours. This way, it’s more convenient if you work odd hours.

The only real downside to sending an email instead of speaking to an Acorn TV representative on the phone is that it’s not the buy real Valium quickest method. This is because you will have to wait for them to respond, which can take about anywhere between hours to days.

You can email Acorn TV in just one way (as they do not have a dedicated support email address):

You do not need to provide a lot of details to email Acorn TV on the Contact Us page. All you need to do is select the category you want support for, provide your email address, describe your issue in the message area, and mention which device you are using to watch Acorn TV.

After that, a representative will get back to you at the email address you provided with solutions or answers to your problem or question.

Know When Your Favourite Show Leaves Acorn TV

All TV shows don’t stay on Acorn TV forever. After a specific period, they are removed from the platform for good, and you cannot watch them at all on Acorn TV.

If you’re afraid that your favourite show might be removed from the platform without you knowing, you can make a note of that using the schedule Acorn TV provides.

  • You can find details about the schedule for shows leaving the streaming platform here

Acorn TV also provides a schedule for new shows that will be premiering on the platform.

  • You can find details about the schedule for shows premiering on the streaming platform here

Cancel Your Subcription to Acorn TV

Acorn TV allows you to cancel your monthy subscription any time you like. After cancellation, you cannot use its services any longer.

Cancelling your Acorn TV subscription is very simple. Follow these steps when you are on the desktop website of Acorn TV.

  1. Click on the My Acorn TV icon at the top-right corner of the website
  2. Select the option ‘Manage Account’
  3. Select the ‘Cancel Memebership’ option on the screen (it should be on the left-hand side of the screen)
  4. Click the ‘Cancel Acorn TV’ option to confirm your subscritpion cancellation

After completing these four steps, you will no longer be subscribed to Acorn TV.

  • Learn more details about the subscription cancellation process here

Find Customer Support Answers in Spanish

In various parts of Canada, Spanish is one of the more common immigrant home languages. If you belong to the part of the population that prefers communicating in Spanish, you can seek customer support services from Acorn TV in Spanish.

  • You can learn about various customer support topics in Spanish (instead of English) here

Acorn TV Social Media Handles

You can follow this British TV show streaming platform on many social media platforms. This way, you can stay updated with its latest releases, deals, customer support services, and more. Here is a list of Acorn TV social media accounts that you can follow. 

The Bottom Line

The customer support services at Acorn TV are not the best out there, considering they have no live chat feature, no contact number, and just one way to email.

That said, it does offer all of its support online, so you don’t need to move away from your computer to find answers. Also, its extensive FAQ sections at the Help Center ensure that you learn what you need to without contacting a representative.

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