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Besides liberty and democracy and all that good stuff, Americans really have a love affair with convenience. One of America’s most famous convenience stores is without a doubt 7-Eleven. Founded in the 1920s in Dallas, Texas, this store was originally called “Tote’m Stores.” The reason founder Joe C. Thomson initially chose this name was twofold: first, people who ordered products from “Tote’m Stores” often “toted” their products away with them; second, most of these stores placed authentic Alaskan totem poles in front to draw in customers.

7-Eleven decided to change its name in 1946 to highlight the company’s expanded hours, which was a rarity at that time. Today, 7-Elevens can be found all across America, Mexico, Canada, Asia, and Europe. 7-Eleven stores sell sandwiches, coffees, snacks, gasoline, and, of course, the totally nutritious Slurpees. Of the roughly 59,831 global 7-Eleven locations, around 30 percent (or approximately 18,785 locations) are in Japan. The Japanese-based Seven & I Holdings Co. now owns 7-Eleven.

How to contact 7-Eleven customer care service

7 Eleven customer care in CanadaCanadians who want to contact 7-Eleven have many options at their disposal. First off, here’s the company’s toll-free Customer Service number (800) 265-0711. This toll-free number is open Mondays through Fridays from 8AM-6PM Central Time.

For more information on getting in touch with 7-Eleven, check out these links below.

  • Here’s the 7-Eleven “Contact Us” page specifically for Canadians. You can click on the orange “Customer Feedback Form” to fill out a survey right on this webpage, or you could take down the Canadian Headquarters address listed on this page.
  • Looking for the closest 7-Eleven to you? Well, look no further than this Canadian 7-Eleven “Store Locator page. All you have to do is type in your postal code or city and some of the closest 7-Eleven addresses will instantly pop up on your screen.
  • Believe it or not, 7-Eleven Canada has its own YouTube page. Most of the videos on this channel are commercials relating to 7-Eleven’s latest products and deals in the Great White North, so it’s worthwhile to at least browse through if you have a spare moment.
  • This is 7-Eleven’s official FAQ page. You can find numerous popular questions on 7-Eleven Rewards, gift cards, and more. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about this famous company where to buy Stromectol  is probably listed on this FAQ page.

For those out there who want to send 7-Eleven a hand-written note, you can send your lovely letter to the company’s Canadian headquarters here:

7-Eleven, Inc.
Suite 2400
13450 102nd Avenue
Surrey BC Canada
V3T 0C3

You can also call this Canadian headquarters using this number (604) 586-0711.

If you want to send a letter to the main American headquarters, use this address:

7-Eleven, Inc.
3200 Hackberry Road
Irving, TX 75063

The telephone number for this Texas headquarters is (972) 828-7011.

Finally, it shouldn’t be surprising that a company as large and well known as 7-Eleven has a robust social media presence. Whether you’re on , Twitter, or Instagram, you can easily find a 7-Eleven Canada webpage. Also, 7-Eleven has an app for both Apple and Android products that you can download using this website.

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