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United Airlines traces its roots back more than three quarters of a century to the early Varney Air Lines in 1926. The mail service carrier made its first commercial flight carrying mail April 5, 1926. Passenger and mail services were combined in 1928, with the first coast to coast service taking only 27 hours. Air travel has come a long way since that time and United Airlines has been a significant part of that history. United Airlines Canada came into existence in 1997 with the creation of the Star Alliance.

The United Airlines Canada website should answer most of your questions. However, if you have searched the website and been unable to find an answer to your questions, these numbers for United Airlines Canada should be of some additional assistance.

  • Flight reservations: 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331). This number works for the U.S. and Canada as well (note, your wireless or local carrier may impose other fees).
  • Flight reservations for the hearing impaired (Tli/TTY): 1-800-323-0170. This number works for the U.S. and Canada as well (note your wireless or local carrier may impose other fees).
  • Pets in cargo: 1-800-575-3335 or 1-832-235-1541. This is a 24-hour number for the Live Animal Desk.
  • United products and services (hotel, car rental and vacation packages): 1-888-854-3899. Or via email info@unitedvacations.com
  • Damaged, delayed, or lost items: 1-800-335-2247 (toll free) or 1-281-821-3256 (note, your wireless or local carrier may impose additional fees).

united-airlinesFor feedback regarding completed travel, you may contact United Airlines Canada for feedback regarding completed travel via this link. Alternatively, you may utilize this phone number for Post-travel feedback: 1-877-624-2660 (this is a voice mail inbox). While for a refund, you can find further information at this page.

You may also contact us via traditional postal mail regarding completed travel feedback at this address:

United Airlines, Inc. Customer Care
900 Grand Plaza Drive NHCCR
Houston, TX 77067-4323

While for traditional mail communication with United Airlines, you may write to the following address:

United Airlines, Inc.
PO Box 06649
Chicago, IL 60606-0649
United States

Lastly, you can follow United Airlines on the social media at the links listed below:


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  1. Derrick Thurman from Memphis Tenn 2 years ago

    I was on flight 4105 from Houston to Memphis Sunday March 19 And had the Best Flight antendent in the World. On a Scale from 1 to ten she get a Hundred. Didn’t get her name. But Very Very Friendly Young Lady . She will Talk to You. Very Very Helpful. VERY Very Out Going. When she came by an Ask if everything was All Right.She help with Seating. She put Bags on the over head. She Smile the Whole Flight. SHOUT Out to the Antendent. She did a Great Job.


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