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Canada’s favorite retailer of mattresses, electronics, and furniture is without a doubt The Brick. Founded in 1971 in the city of Edmonton, this retail chain has since spread all over Canada’s ten provinces. There are now over 220 stores in “The Brick Group” across Canada.

Some of these stores include The Brick Super Store, The Brick Mattress Store, and United Furniture Warehouse, the last of which the company acquired in 2004. Just a few items The Brick specializes in include sofas, TVs, refrigerators, microwaves, washers, dryers, and all kinds of mattresses. The Brick is now owned and operated by Leon’s Furniture Limited, which is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange as LNF.

The Brick customer service

The Brick takes customer complaints very seriously, and there are plenty of ways to tell The Brick’s staff all about your concerns. The first number you should call if you have any issues with your Brick experience is (855) 333-3230. This toll-free number will put you in contact with one of The Brick’s friendly customer care staff members.

The Brick support serviceCanadians have many other ways of getting in touch with a member of The Brick’s customer service department. Here are a few links to help you understand more about the company and how you can get in touch The Brick’s employees.

  • This is The Brick’s official “Contact Us” webpage. Simply follow the instructions on the page and write your question or complaint in the large space at the bottom. Once you’re done, just click “submit” and you’re done. A member of The Brick’s staff should address your issue as soon as possible.
  • Here you’ll find The Brick’s official FAQ page. You can discover answers to questions concerning warranties, protection plans, and shipping policies, just to name a few.
  • On this interactive map you can find the closest Brick store to where you live. All you have to do is click on your province on the right hand side, or type in your postal address. A bunch of arrows will appear wherever Brick locations happen to be. Click the location you want and a bubble will appear with the location’s address and phone number.
  • Here, on The Brick‘s official YouTube page, you can find out the latest goings-on surrounding this company. If you want to check out the hottest styles and/or deals happening at The Brick right now, it might be useful to scroll through some of their most recent videos.

If you feel the urge to send The Brick a handwritten letter, take down this address:

Brick Warehouse Corporation
16930 114 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T5M 3S2

To reach this headquarters by telephone, just call (780) 930-6000. You can also fax this office using the number (780) 930-6197.

The Brick is involved on some of the most popular social media sites. Facebook users can easily “friend” The Brick on this website. People who like to tweet all day long can follow The Brick’s Twitter page here. Members of Instagram can take a look at what The Brick is up to on this website. And, lastly, Pinterest lovers can check out The Brick’s page by following this link.

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12 Reviews
  1. Rob Staples 7 months ago

    I purchased a warranty for a large purchase I made which included a sofa love seat and chair. When I reported an issue with the leather on my sofa I I was told nothing could be done because it was not reported within 14 Days. I don’t feel this matter was given the attention it deserves or has met my satisfaction as a customer. I would appreciate someone actually caring about my concerns with your products and taking action.

  2. Clint Foisy 7 months ago

    We have recently spent $12,000 at the Vernon BC. Brick.The customer service was great until we were told that because we live 10 minutes past the area where they would do the full service of uncrating the appliances and removing all packaging.All they will do for us is place them in the house and we have to unpackage them and place them ourselves plus discard all the packaging material.My wife and I are seniors and we fine this service appalling.This is a great deal of money spent and we were unaware of this kind of service.Needless to say we will no longer purchase ANYTHING from the Brick in the future.

  3. Stephanie 7 months ago

    We purchased furniture from Sanjay at 188 Clarence St, Brampton, ON L6W 1T4, which was PAID IN FULL (1 kitchen table, 1 dining room table, a sectional sofa, a coffee table, 1 washing machine, 1 dryer and a bed frame) from them.

    About a month after purchasing the furniture (that was not yet delivered as we are going there a major interior home renovation) Sanjay contacted us and notified us that unfortunately the washer and dryer we purchased were sold to another customer and the products were discontinued. How on earth do you SELL products that have already been purchased to another customer?! They then asked that we return to the store to choose a new washer and dryer. There was no way I was going to pay a penny more for the new products. Luckily for them, they had the same products in a different color. Disappointing!

    We received the shipment of the products about 2-3 months ago as they refused to keep the items in stock until we finished with the renovations. We are nearing the end of our renovations and therefore, had decided to open the box to our bed frame to assemble it, only see that we received the two side panels in a dark grey and the front and black panels in a light grey.

    We contacted the store at 10:00 am this morning and were then told they would look into the work order. We did not receive a single call back from them today.

    This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. If this problem is not FIXED I will have no other choice but to take this matter further.

  4. MARIANNA 9 months ago

    Purchased almost 5 years ago, with extended warranty of 5 years, thankfully. About 1 year ago, July 2017, the recliner on one side began to sporadically open or close without being touched – this could present a safety issue around small children or pets. We have since had this repaired about 4-6 times, and since that time, the other side recliner got stuck in the reclined position, and would not work to put back. Another safety issue. Each time the technician would label it as ‘resolved’ and this prompted the manager to argue with me about the fact that it is not new, and it is still usable, without the recliner…that is not the point, if I wanted a non-reclining couch, I would have purchased it that way. Since the last technician call labelled it as ‘repairable, according to the manager, we decided to give it one last chance…and guess what. It was repaired with buttons replaced and new wiring on August 21st, and as of September 3rd, the one side was again stuck in the reclined position…last chance. I now would like a call back from head office to resolve this issue as per the warranty wording. Thank you for your time, and please contact me directly. This was from the Newmarket Brick store. Not impressed, and not happy.

  5. Ivone 10 months ago

    Lora 2-Piece Reversible Sectional – Platinum was delivered in pieces. I called the store and I was told the manager Mr. Roy was going to call me, two hrs later nothing and decided to go to the store. Instead of the manager they pass the bucket to the Sale Rep and she argue and was disbelieve that the couch came into pieces. I was also told that the invoice stipulated “Assembly reqr” Ok, I understand I need to add the legs and the cushions but assemble the entire couch, really!! In that case I go to IKEA. I forward the pics twice, today I’ve called the manager and he is always busy or on the phone. Called later and than I was told he is gone for the day. Spoke with Supervisor Mr. Gerrarld or something like that and I was told if you want it assemble you have to pay or get something else. Really!! I don’t think so Now, still stock with an un-ensemble couch in my residence. I am very upset, it’s been over 24 hrs and the only comment I get is “it’s member responsibility to assemble the couch”

  6. Jhodieann 11 months ago

    The customer service at the Brick Red Deer Alberta is atrocious. The Reps there practice thinly veiled racial profiling. I bought a bed there and the only person who made us feel comfortable was Sales Rep Ryan. The two females who worked the evening of July 5 at 8:30 were most unfriendly and blatantly racially profiling myself and my friend. People started closing shutters and being unfriendly to us which all culminated to a feeling of discomfort. Clearly the brick does not want business if these are the employees who represent the company. I will never shop there again. It appears I am not alone as review online suggest that this atrocious customer service is a culture at the brick. Disgusting service or lack thereof. Just remember, there are a million retailers selling the same products, it’s the customer service that makes the difference. I will go to the competitor where I am at least treated as a valuable customer.

  7. LORNA LUNDBERG 1 year ago

    i made a claim in Nov. 2017 for repairs to my ripping chaise .
    Customer service doesn’t contact to let me know when repairs will be done.
    I found the customer service unacceptable at the East Winnipeg MB.
    Six months is too long to wait for repairs or Helpful customer service.

  8. amir 1 year ago

    I bought stuff from brick the last 6 years close to 14000$
    but the last buy I did with them ***st charles store*** in the west island was the worst experience I ever had
    in my life . when you want to buy something from them they will welcome you with red carpet with a lot of promisses
    but when you finish the deal and leave the store you will see that everything they told you is a big lie .
    I bought from them washer and drayer on condition that I will get them on certain date include installation.
    they did not come on that date so i had to call back and to check what is going , my wife took a day off expecting them to come , they told that they made a mistake and they cant come that day and we have to make another appointment
    so they came after 2 days and they cant install them and they left .I called again to make a complain the manager said I cant do any thing ???? I had to get a some one to do it for me so paid for that again and after installation the washer is not working . i called again to speak with the manager but he did not want to talk to me so i had to call the manufacturer
    to fix the problem . so if you want to buy something from this store you should know that you are going to suffer if you need service from them . actually they have 0000000 service .

  9. Dean 1 year ago

    trying to get my appliances repaired by our local service guy and not some company 3 hours away. The company 3 hours away has lied to the company saying they were already here when the have yet to come out and look at my broken washer and dryer. I am not impressed and keep being told that it will be corrected but now being told that since the repair company from 3 hours away has been here (they have not) that I have to stick with them. Why would I allow a liar into my house to service my appliances.

  10. Craig Farrell 1 year ago

    Cant actually believe they are still in business. Have tried to call the service line three times and yet they have no record of that. Did the email from the website, no replies. The Brick in my opinion are one of the worst companies to still be doing business. There is no customer service here. Go elsewhere, in fact run as fast you can away from the brick. I am still trying to resolve my issues. The extended warranty is a joke and basically theft.

  11. Linda Haverkamp 2 years ago

    Worst service imaginable from the Brick in Simcoe Ontario Employee named Amber was unbelievably unprofessional and inept at her job

  12. El Steffens 2 years ago

    Sitting in my house watching a delivery next door the swamper sitting in the truck smoking eating and talking on his cell phone so loud I can hearrange his conversation driver doing delivery I would never deal with you now seeing this kind of customer service this is ignorant and rude of the swamped truck #B392


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