Yahoo!: problems and outages in real time

Yahoo! is a web services provider that offers various services to its users, the most popular being Yahoo Mail and the Yahoo search engine.

According to Alexa, Yahoo is the sixth most popular website in the world. Yahoo now offers a wide range of web-based services, including the Yahoo search engine, news portal, and various other services such as weather, finance, sports, and entertainment.

In 2012, Yahoo made headlines when it acquired Tumblr for $1.1 billion, making Tumblr the most expensive acquisition in Yahoo’s history. However, Tumblr has since struggled to meet Yahoo’s expectations, leading to several rounds of layoffs and spinoffs.

The core of Yahoo’s business remains its ad-driven web properties like and Tumblr. According to eMarketer estimates, Yahoo generated $3.42 billion in global ad revenue in 2019—a 7% increase over 2018. Most of this revenue will come from display ads, accounting for a growing share of video ads.

In addition to ad revenue, Yahoo also generates revenue from fees associated with its premium services like email and fantasy sports leagues.

Yahoo is one of the oldest and most popular web service providers today. Founded in 1994, it has become a top destination for internet users worldwide thanks to its wide range of offerings, including email, news, weather, finance, sports, entertainment, and more.

While it has struggled in recent years to compete with Google and other tech giants like Facebook and Amazon, it continues to be a significant player in the online space thanks to its large user base and various products and services.

Recent History

Once a dominant player in the early days of the internet, Yahoo has had a tumultuous history over the past decade. In 2008, Microsoft attempted to buy the company for $44.6 billion, but the bid was ultimately rejected.

In 2012, former Google executive Marissa Mayer was brought on as CEO and implemented changes that helped to revive Yahoo’s struggling finances.

However, recent years have seen continued challenges for Yahoo and its subsidiary Yahoo Mail. The company faced several high-profile security breaches, leading to public outcry and lawsuits.

In 2017, Verizon acquired Yahoo’s internet business for $4.48 billion, effectively ending its time as an independent company. Despite these challenges, Yahoo remains one of the most popular email providers and is a significant player in the tech industry.

Yahoo’s Presence in Canada

Yahoo and Yahoo Mail have a strong presence in Canada, with Canadians making up a significant percentage of users. Many Canadian internet providers offer Yahoo Mail as their default email service. As one of the earliest internet search engines, Yahoo has also maintained its popularity among Canadian internet users.

Along with offering popular features such as news articles and weather forecasts, Yahoo also provides specific services for Canada, such as a French language option and content tailored to Canadian interests.

In addition, Canadians can access Yahoo’s Fantasy Sports leagues, an increasingly popular pastime among sports fans in the country. With its wide range of features and national appeal, it’s no surprise that Yahoo and Yahoo Mail continue to thrive in the Canadian market.

Service Reliability

Providing reliable service for Yahoo and Yahoo Mail users in Canada is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and trust. Without a stable connection, users may be unable to access their emails or utilize various Yahoo services.

A reliable service ensures critical tasks, such as sending essential emails or managing online business accounts, can be completed without interruption. In addition, a reliable service promotes the reliability of Yahoo and its services to potential customers in the Canadian market.

Ensuring a stable connection, therefore, is vital not only for current users but also for attracting new ones. Improving reliability is key to maintaining a positive reputation and standing out among competitors in the industry. Together with constantly updating technology and fixing any technical issues that may arise, consistently providing a reliable service is vital for the success of Yahoo in Canada.

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Outages Map

Do you ever find yourself wondering why your Yahoo Mail isn’t working? Our outage map can help. The map displays real-time reports of outages for Yahoo and Yahoo Mail in Canada.

This allows users to understand where there may be problems and plan accordingly quickly. By monitoring the map, you can stay informed and avoid frustration with your Yahoo services. So next time your Yahoo Mail is acting up, check our outage map and stay in the know.

The second chart compares the number of outage reports received on a given day for both Yahoo and Yahoo Mail, with the number or reports received in the same day of the previous week. If you see an increase in the number of reports, it could indicate a problem with website accessibility. By tracking these numbers, you can identify any issues and take steps to solve them as quickly as possible, ensuring the smooth operation of these essential services.

The third chart shows the number of reported problems with Yahoo and Yahoo Mail over the course of this year. You may notice a clear trend with higher numbers of reports at the beginning of the year, followed by a steady decrease throughout the rest of the year. This likely reflects seasonal changes in usage and potential technical updates over time.

However, it is essential to note that even at its lowest point, several reported issues are still reported daily. This highlights the need for continued focus on maintaining reliable services for users. Overall, this chart provides valuable insight into problem areas and allows targeted solutions to improve overall performance.

Most common problems reported in the last 48 hours

The table below shows Yahoo! users’ most frequent problems reported in the last 48 hours.

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