How to unlock a Telus phone?

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Emily asked 2 years ago
Hi everyone,

I have a Google Pixel 6 that I got with my Telus phone contract. Is there a way to unlock it so that I can use it with other carriers?

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admin Staff answered 2 years ago
  1. Step 1: Call Telus customer service and request they put the unlock code on your account so that it is set up automatically if you ever want to use another provider or buy a new phone from them. If this isn’t possible, ask them how often they can do it for you; some staff members can unlock your phone in 24 hours, while others might say there’s no way to do it without charging you. (However, it is well worth the $35).
  2. Step 2: When you are ready to go with another provider or buy a new Telus phone, take your old phone into the store and tell them you’d like to unlock it. They will ask for your IMEI number, which can be found by going into your phone’s *#06# menu. Then they will give you a few options of how you want to pay for the unlocking fee – usually through a series payment or with a credit card over the phone.
  3. Step 3: After paying the fee and getting an email confirmation that it has been unlocked, insert your new carrier’s SIM card (or activate another Telus one) and enjoy! Or if you’re buying a new Telus phone, put in their SIM card and turn it on.

Permanently Unlock Telus Phone

By permanently unlocking your Telus phone, you are freeing yourself from the usual ‘contract’ that most network providers have for their phones. You can then use your device with any other service provider around the world, which may allow you to save costs in roaming charges when overseas.

Telus Canada will unlock their mobile devices temporarily so they can be used on competing networks, but this is only possible under certain conditions, and ultimately it is up to Telus whether or not their device will be unlocked at all. Therefore it is best to buy an unlocked device direct from the manufacturer if you plan to take advantage of using multiple SIM cards in one handset; however, there are still benefits to using a locked Telus phone that has been unlocked to work on other networks.

You can still use the Telus service if your handset is permanently unlocked, but you may be unable to make or receive calls as all network providers don’t support this feature. You can, however, use data such as 3G and 4G LTE download speeds; Wi-Fi, Bluetooth; GPS; NFC or Infrared.

Telus Canada offers several options to unlock your mobile device. The main one is by simply asking them for an unlock code. There are certain conditions that Telus will not unlock their devices, though. You can also get Telus to send you a free Unlock Code if you meet specific requirements, which could save you some money if they request a fee otherwise.

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