How long does Telus rake to ship phones?

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ImpatientClara asked 1 year ago

I am planning to purchase a cell phone package from Telus in the near future.

I visited one of the company’s outlets to sign up for the package and get the phone I wanted. However, the exact model I was interested in getting wasn’t available at the outlet.

The Telus customer service representative advised me to sign up on the company website instead and wait for the phone to be shipped to my residence.

I intend to follow this procedure. However, I would like to know how long it typically takes Telus to ship phones to customers.
Thanks, y’all!

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admin Staff answered 1 year ago
Hi Clara,

Telus offers the latest mobile devices from leading manufacturers across the globe. The Telecom provider offers these phones as part of its mobile plan packages. Customers can typically sign up for these mobile packages at the company’s authorized retail outlets. This includes stores as well as kiosks at shopping centers.

Sometimes, a Telus store might not have the exact mobile device you’re interested in purchasing. In such situations, you can sign up for your desired mobile plan and device package through the company website. Once you complete this step, Telus will take 3 to 5 business days to process your order. However, this step can take longer if the device you have ordered isn’t currently in stock.

You will receive a tracking number through email if your order is approved. The company will contact you if they require any additional information. Telus will then ship the device and sim card to your desired address within 2 to 5 business days. In total, you should receive your new mobile device within 5 to 10 business days of signing up on Telus’s website

You should note that certain mobile devices may take up to 4 weeks for delivery due to global supply chain delays. For this reason, you should order your desired mobile device well in advance and before your existing mobile device stops working.

If you ordered your Telus mobile device several days ago and wish to see your order’s current status, you can enter your order tracking code at the company’s Order Status tracker. Once you enter these details, you will be able to see information such as:

  • The date you placed your initial order on Telus’s website
  • The date on which your order was processed
  • The date your order was completed
  • The date your mobile device was dispatched to your residence
  • The date your mobile device was shipped

Telus’s Order Status tracker offers up-to-date information about your order. You can contact Telus’s customer services representatives if your phone has been in the shipping stage for several days without additional updates on the online tracker.

To contact the company, you can dial *611 through your Telus mobile device or call 1-866-558-2273. A customer service representative will then be able to tell you if your order is still being shipped or whether it is facing an expected delay during the shipping process. If you need more information on how to get a hold of a Telus customer service representative, I suggest checking our guide

Enjoy your new phone!

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