Does Fit4Less have personal trainers?

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WeTheNorth asked 2 years ago

I’m considering joining Fit4Less this month because I really need to lose weight. Their website does not have much information about the services they offer, so I am unclear whether they offer personal trainers.

Does anyone have any information on this? Does Fit4Less have personal trainers? Any answers would be much appreciated.


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admin Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi WeTheNorth,

First of all, congrats for starting a wellness journey!

While Fit4Less has numerous exercise machines and equipment like StairMaster, elliptical, dumbbells, etc., one thing to note is that they don’t have personal trainers. This is mainly because Fit4Less is a budget gym, so it does not offer its members premium services like personal training. However, there will be staff members at their premises who can help out with using machines and assistance if you require it. But these individuals cannot give you any fitness advice or provide a fitness routine.

Therefore, for this reason, Fit4Less might not be suitable for beginners since such individuals need a bit more guidance. It is also not a good choice for those looking to be held accountable when on their fitness journey. Unless you are self-disciplined enough or have an existing nutrition plan for yourself, you can consider joining Fit4Less without a personal trainer.

Personal trainers can help create an entirely tailored routine for your body and fitness goals. Moreover, they provide guidance on how to use machines, which ones to use, and more. They make your time at the gym worthwhile. However, personal trainers come at a hefty price, and Fit4Less does not provide such a premium service.

Fit4Less is marketed as a budget gym, so it only carries the basic amenities and services since it does not have an expensive membership. Moreover, the gym is mainly catered to individuals who want to live an active lifestyle or those who want to exercise. It is not exactly aimed at serving individuals who have to gain or lose weight, those who want to start powerlifting, or anything related.

If you are searching for personal training or someone to guide you with exercise and nutrition, you should consider other gyms. However, these would likely be pricier than Fit4Less. Therefore, if you are on a budget, you should consider joining Fit4Less. However, if a fitness trainer is more important to you, then Fit4Less is not the right choice for you.

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