Can you deadlift at Fit4Less?

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GymRat YVR asked 1 year ago

I was thinking of joining a Fit4Less club that opened up near me. But before I sign up, I want to know if I can do deadlifts over there and use a barbell. Is the gym good enough for performing standard barbells and general strength training? Kindly let me know; any help and information would be greatly appreciated since I need to decide ASAP.

Thanks folks!

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admin Staff answered 1 year ago
Fit4Less is a budget gym owned by GoodLife and is ideal for beginners. It’s also suitable for individuals who simply want to lead a healthy lifestyle by carrying out light exercises and using machines like treadmills, ellipticals, and stair masters.

However, people who typically power lift or carry out a lot of strength training would not find this gym suitable for their exercise needs.

This is because Fit4Less does not have a wide variety of strength training equipment. It also does not have extremely heavy weights and dumbbells. Other than this, Fit4Less doesn’t have deadlift platforms, so you cannot perform a deadlift there. While you can find weights and a barbell there, you may still be unable to deadlift in the gym because of their hardwood floors, as it could risk damaging them. Moreover, Fit4Less members are also asked not to use chalk.

You could consider putting rubber mats under the weights to protect the floor, but these are intended for exercise and stretching use, not for deadlifts. Hence, they might not provide a ton of protection. Another reason you cannot perform deadlifts in Fit4Less is the space. Most Fit4Less clubs are not that spacious, so there can be too many people during peak hours. Hence, performing a deadlift could become difficult and uncomfortable. It would also put others at risk.

Deadlifts are an essential exercise that all individuals who do strength training carry out. It strengthens the hamstrings, glutes, and all other muscles of the legs. This exercise, designed for stability and strength, is also one of the most popular exercises that individuals carry out. Unfortunately, Fit4Less does not have the facilities and equipment to allow individuals to easily deadlift there. For this reason, the gym is not considered to be suitable for those who want to regularly strength train at the gym.

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