Fresh St. Market customer care and support service

Fresh St. Market is on a mission to provide Canadians with the highest quality fresh food in the world. In addition to its British Columbia-grown produce, Fresh St. Market also sells delectable pastries, savory meats, gorgeous flowers, and addicting local coffee blends. While you might have to pay a bit more at Fresh St. Market than at other grocery stores, you certainly get your money’s worth. You know, the good things in life often cost a lot.

Why are you still settling for a second-class lifestyle? Haven’t you heard by now: YOLO! Get on out there and splurge a bit. You deserve it. Fresh St. Market currently has three locations in British Columbia.

Fresh St. Market customer service

Fresh Street market customer serviceCanadians can contact Fresh St. Market either by telephone or fax machine. The telephone and fax numbers for the Vancouver Fresh St. Market are (604) 913-7757 and (604) 913-7754 respectively. For the Surrey address on Fraser Highway, you can call (778) 578-8970 or fax (778) 578-8975. Finally, for people looking to contact the Highway 10 Surrey location, call (604) 575-1488 or fax (604) 515-1468. The two Surrey locations are open from 7AM – 10PM everyday of the week, but the Vancouver Fresh St. Market is only open 7AM – 9PM Mondays through Saturdays and 7AM – 7PM on Sundays.

Woah, that’s a lot of information! Did you get all of that? Well, if not, no worries. We’ve got a few links below that will help you organize all of this data. Plus, these websites will give you even more ways to get in touch with Fresh St. Market’s rock star staff.

  • This is the extremely important “Contact Us” page on Fresh St. Market’s official website. In addition to the telephone and fax numbers listed above, you’ll see Fresh St. Market’s various locations on a map, links to their social media pages, and email addresses. The information on this page is really intense. Be sure you’re intellectually prepared to handle it all.
  • On Fresh St. Market’s “About Us” page, you’ll find links to various departments in the store. Just click on the “Learn More” tabs underneath categories like Flowers, Meat, Bakery, or Fresh Cup Coffee to…well, “learn more” about what Fresh St. Market has to offer consumers.
  • Fresh St. Market really wants to increase brand awareness across Canada. That’s why it has created its very own YouTube page. Although it might not be super popular today, the staff at Fresh St. Market hopes that their videos help people around the world learn about what sets this grocery store apart.

If you want to send a physical letter to Fresh St. Market, you could address it to any of the three stores. Perhaps the most significant store is the one located in Vancouver, so we’ll put that address below. However, for those out there with specific inquires for the Surrey stores, check out the first link in this article to discover those addresses.

Fresh St. Market Headquarters
1650 Marine Dr. West
Vancouver, BC V7V 1J1

Finally, let’s talk about Fresh St. Market’s social media pages. Each store has its very own Facebook and Twitter accounts. Click here for Vancouver’s Facebook, and here for Vancouver’s Twitter. People interested in what’s going on at 15930 Fraser Highway, Surrey, can check out this Facebook profile and this Twitter feed. Third, we have the Highway 10 address’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Fresh St. Market also has an Instagram page and a Google+ page for its Vancouver office.