Air India customer care and support service

Air India is an Indian government-owned airline that has been operating for close to a century since being founded in 1930. It offers passengers domestic and international flights and is headquartered in New Delhi, India.

The parent company for this enterprise is Air India Limited, and being in the business for so many decades has allowed it to amass a considerable fleet size. Therefore, it has been ranked as one of the world’s biggest airlines based on its fleet size.

As a major airline in India, it has continued to improve its value proposition to customers, and ensuring that they receive adequate support when needed is critical to that. There are many ways customers can seek support from the company, and there are also dedicated options for specific concerns.

This way, the overall support services are streamlined and prevent customers from waiting in long virtual waiting lines.

Thus, this article provides an overview of the various ways you can seek support from Air India: you’ll have all the information you need in one place, making it easier for you to find where you need to get to.

Air India offers a number of ways of getting in touch with a representative at the company. So, you can choose a method based on your schedule, comfort level, and which provides the fastest responses. In addition to that, Air India also has online resources that allow users to educate themselves about various aspects of the company’s services.

So, users can also choose to learn what they need to without needing to spend any time or effort in contacting a representative. With that said, let’s get into each of them.

Call Air India

Air India offers international travel in addition to domestic flights, so it has contact numbers for users from different countries. That said, considering this piece is specifically targeted to a Canadian audience, the Canadian contact numbers are provided.

Air India has one phone number for various types of inquiries that you may have, including customer relations, passenger feedback, refunds, the Flying Returns Program, fare difference, and more.

  • 1 888 634 1407 (toll-free) (Canada or the United States)

The official timings for customer call support for those in Canada or the United States on the number above are 24 hours. So, you can call them about your inquiry at whatever time suits your schedule.

There is a separate number that you must contact if you have baggage issues or baggage claims in Canada. The number is for Air Canada, so you can either call the following number or visit the Air Canada website.

  • 1 888 689 2247 (baggage issues or baggage claims in Canada)

If you don’t get a response on any of the two phone numbers mentioned above, you can contact Air India using the two numbers below. You can contact these numbers from any part of the world, but international call rates will apply.

  • + 91 124 2641 407
  • + 91 20 2623 1407

Useful Resources Online

There are quite a few different online resources to learn more about Air India. So, you can either read about the company or get in touch with a representative via the internet. Here’s what you should know.

Live Chat with Air India

There is a live chat feature on the Air India website. Once you start the live chat service and a representative is on the line, you can choose one of many different topics to talk about. These topics include:

  • Flight status
  • Booking a ticket
  • PNR status
  • Chatting for a check-in
  • Rules regarding COVID-19
  • Special services
  • Baggage allowance

This way, you can quickly clarify your purpose for the chat to the representative.

You can live chat with Air India here.

Email Air India

Air India has two primary email addresses for its call center.

There are other email addresses that you can use for different issues.

Air India Social Media Customer Support Services

Air India has accounts on few major social media platforms where users can get updates and learn more about the airline. The social media platforms you can follow include:

The Bottom Line

The customer support services at Air India are quite comprehensive, and they have dedicated support channels for users from different countries.