Who Owns Lucky Mobile?

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Who owns Lucky Mobile?

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Lucky Mobile is a Canadian prepaid mobile service that is still relatively new.

It is considered one of the most affordable mobile providers. In fact, their plans start from only $25 per month.

However, regardless of their relative novelty, they offer great benefits to their consumers. For example, prepaid services without any credit checks and having no long-term commitments with consumers. Both of these are the main selling points of Lucky Mobile and what the company is known for.

If you are considering getting their plans and becoming a user of Lucky Mobile, you might have a few questions regarding the company. In this guide, we will answer all of them for you.

Lucky Mobile Owner

Lucky Mobile is owned and operated by Bell Canada. It is the same company that owns Bell Mobility.

They previously used to run Solo Mobile, but after that, they launched Lucky Mobile, which is branded as being far better than its predecessor. Solo Mobile did not offer many services by 2012, and then after a couple of years, the company introduced a new mobile carrier.

The company launched Lucky Mobile back in 2017. During its launch, it was available to 17 metro areas of the country. The telecom company was established to compete with Chatr and Public Mobile since it offers similar services to its consumers. For example, much like Chatr, it gives consumers a small selection of affordable smartphones for outright sales.

Since its inception, Lucky Mobile has also expanded its network to provide services in States like Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Lucky Mobile Coverage

Lucky Mobile uses the same 4G network as Bell Mobile, which means that consumers can expect great coverage.

However, the speed might be a little dodgy and more similar to 3G speed instead. Hence, if you are used to 4G, you might be disappointed when you use Lucky Mobile’s 4G network.

Moreover, if you go over your plan’s data, the company will limit your speed further. They won’t charge you extra, but they will limit your speed, making it quite challenging to use. Hence, you should avoid going over the data you have paid for.

You will also be offered two different plans based on the zones and provinces you reside in. Switching to Lucky Mobile is quite easy since you just need to bring your phone to them, and they will swiftly do the work for you.

Lucky Mobile Plans

Lucky Mobile is known all over Canada for being affordable and cheap.

This is why it offers numerous budget-friendly plans to its users for calls, voicemails, international calling, and even three-way calling.

Lucky Mobile Phones

Unfortunately, since it is a budget-friendly mobile carrier, it does not offer many high-end and newer phones.

If you want an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy, you can always get a used one from Lucky Mobile.

Alternatively, you can also bring your phone to get your SIM changed. You can also have the SIM delivered to you. Check out their website for more details.

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