Where Can I Pick Up My Canpar Package?

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Marco asked 2 years ago
How does Canpar shipping work?

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Francesca Staff answered 2 years ago

Can I Pick Up My Package the Day After the Delivery Attempt?

Unless otherwise noted on the Canpar’s website, packages are only available for pick up the following business day.

Can I Request to Hold My Package for Pick-up Since I Will Not Be Home Even Though My Delivery Notice Says There Will Be a Second Delivery Attempt?

If Canpar offers to make a second delivery attempt for your package and you will not be home, you can contact customer support, and they can arrange the package to be held at their Canpar terminal.

Where Can I Pick Up My Canpar Package?

A single delivery attempt is made by Canpar, after which the package is put on hold for customer pickup at a nearby location that is more convenient for them.

How Can I Pick up My Canpar Package?

Canpar makes every effort to select pickup locations close to its customers that are easy to access. Someone else may pick up your package instead of the person’s identification matching the address on the label.

What Is the Best Thing to Do If I Miss My Shipment’s Delivery?

The Canpar service permits one delivery attempt. The package is then held for pickup at a convenient location in your neighborhood.

Keep in mind that a package can only be held for a specific time before it is automatically returned to the shipper at their expense if it returns to a facility.

Can I Pick Up the Parcel If the Driver Left a Delivery Notice on My Floor?

Canpar’s driver will deliver the package to one of our pickup locations. To locate your package on their website, enter the delivery notice number, which begins with a W.

You’ll be able to look up the address online once the package has been delivered. The package will be delivered within the next 24 hours between Monday and Friday.

You can also bring your delivery notice when you pick up the package.

Canpar Pickup for Chit Chat Customers

If you cannot drop off shipments at a branch or drop location, Chit Chats customers can use a Canpar pickup. Using your Chit Chats account, you can set up a schedule for this.

How to Set Up a Pick-up?

1. Make sure your pickup location is correct: This is the default address for your Chit Chats profile. You can change this address or leave special instructions for your driver.

2. Pick a date for pickup: You’ll see a list of all available pick-up times. There will be no pick-ups on the weekends. Only a few locations offer same-day pickups.

3. Add your consolidated shipment’s weight and dimensions to the form: Be sure to weigh and measure your shipments accurately. Add additional shipments by clicking “Add another piece” and filling out the information for each one.

4. Pay for the pickup and create your labels: You can schedule a pickup by clicking ‘Pay and print labels’ when you are ready. Your progress will be saved if you decide to return to your request later. Your consolidated shipment should be labeled and ready for pickup before your scheduled arrival.


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