What Is Uber X?

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Kay asked 2 years ago
What Is Uber X?

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Francesca Staff answered 2 years ago

Uber is one of the most popular private driver services that most millennials use to get from one place to another. It is easy, convenient, and affordable.

However, in recent times, with the surge in the use of Uber, the company has started releasing new variations of its top-rated service. One such variation is the Uber X.

So, what exactly is Uber X, and how is it any different from the regular Uber we take?

Actually, Uber X is the regular ride we typically take on the application. When you book a ride, input a destination, and don’t change the default settings, you are taking an Uber X ride. This offers an affordable ride to a destination in a standard vehicle or a sedan.

Hence, it will not exactly be a fancy ride, but it will get you where you want to be at an affordable cost conveniently. This is especially true when compared with a taxi. It is also the most affordable ride you can take if you live in the suburbs or a rural area.

However, unlike other Uber rides, the Uber X ride only allows four passengers to travel in one vehicle at a time.

Uber X Rating

It should be noted that all drivers on Uber have to undergo a background check. Hence, you can be sure that you will be riding safely.

Moreover, Uber X allows you to rate your ride and the driver. You can give them a rating out of five. Even the driver can give you a rating as their passenger. Hence, you should always be courteous towards them.

Uber X Pricing

Pricing on Uber X is relatively straightforward. Uber uses a standard base rate to calculate total ride costs. This base rate is multiplied for every mile traveled. Hence the total cost of a ride is based on the distance and duration of the ride.

There is also a minimum fare that all drivers charge. The exact base rate will vary depending on each area.

However, the rates on Uber X are believed to be the lowest on the application besides that of Uber POOL.

How to Use Uber X

Uber X is probably the easiest ride you can book on Uber since it does not require making any specific changes. Here’s how you can book an Uber X ride on their app:

1. Open the application and enter where you want to go on their “Where To?” tab

2. Confirm the drop-off and pick up locations you have selected

3. Click okay and wait to be paired with a driver

4. Once done, you can see your driver’s picture, their vehicle information, and current location

5. Once your driver arrives, check to see if the vehicle and description match with the one on the app

6. When you reach your destination, you can pay the driver in cash. Otherwise, your ride will be paid through your card or any other payment mode you have chosen

7. Although this is optional, you can always rate your ride and driver

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