What is Dbox Cineplex?

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Sandy T. asked 2 years ago
What is the “Dbox Cineplex”? Is it in every movie? How can I book it?

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Francesca Staff answered 2 years ago
Cineplex is an all-inclusive platform that gives you access to its wide range of entertainment venues, theatres, and cinemas. They provide different types of experiences to movie-goers at their venues.
One such experience is the Dbox Cineplex. If you are looking to get the full experience from a movie that tantalizes all of your senses, then this is the one. The Dbox Cineplex offers a unique seating arrangement that allows you to feel all the motion in the movie right in your seat. It truly feels like you are a character in the movie! 
Whoever goes to a Dbox Cineplex can enjoy an immersive, unique, and hyper-realistic entertainment experience that charges your whole body. It is not just an average cinema experience but rather something completely unmatched.

Dbox Cineplex

The premium movie experience has seating that you don’t just watch the movie but also ‘feel’ it. This is because you watch the movie in 3D, and the seats are constantly moving. The action in the movies is synced with the seats, so when there is a climactic or action-packed scene in the movie, you will be experiencing it with the characters.
In other words, Dbox cinemas add another layer of dimension to the movie experience. The seats will move and vibrate along with the scenes you are watching. 

The Dbox experience can be found in UltraAVX cinemas at Cineplex. There are only 20-30 seats in each cinema at one time that give you the Dbox experience. Furthermore, you have full control over the intensity of the motion you want to experience at Dbox Cineplex. There are four levels of intensity in each seat. 
You can crank it all the way up for the whole experience, but if that gets too much for you, you can decrease the intensity or completely shut off the movie as well. 

Most of the movies found in Dbox cinemas are action-packed ones, especially Marvel movies. You can visit the Dbox About page to learn about the current film they are showing at Dbox Cineplex. You can also reserve your seats at the ‘Reserve Your Seat’ tab. Here, you will need to add your city, specific movie you want to watch, choose your timings, and more.

Moreover, the Dbox Cineplex is a premium experience only available in specific Cineplex locations. This is why it is best to look up all of the locations and see if the experience is anywhere near you. You can find out more about the areas by clicking on the Location tab on the Dbox About page. 
However, it should be noted that the ticket prices for Dbox Cineplex will likely be higher than other 3D movies experiences at Cineplex. 

Final Words

Dbox Cineplex is undoubtedly worth experiencing at least once. However, since it is a premium experience, it is considerably more expensive than regular movie tickets. Some people believe that the price is not worth it and justifiable because they don’t enjoy the seats moving so much.

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