Did Telus Buy ADT?

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Ryan asked 2 years ago

I’m interested in signing up for ADT’s home security services. The company has developed a great reputation in the home security services industry in Canada. Many of my friends and family members have sung praises for the security coverage ADT provides for their homes. For this reason, I would like to sign up for ADT’s home security services.

However, I have heard Telus recently acquired ADT. Can you please confirm if Telus bought ADT? If so, have the company’s services changed since its recent acquisition?



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admin Staff answered 2 years ago
ADT’s origins date back to the United States in the late 1800s. The company was initially founded as a telegraph company but began offering home security services in 1874 after the company’s president awoke to a burglar in their home.

Numerous companies have acquired ADT over the last century. It entered the New York stock exchange as an independent company in 2012. ADT then acquired a Canadian security company known as Reliance Security Services in 2014. The company maintained this name for multiple years before being acquired by the Canadian Big 3 Telecom company, Telus, in October 2019. Telus rebranded ADT’s Canadian properties as Telus SmartHome Security since the acquisition.

Pre-existing ADT customers haven’t been affected by the company acquisition from three years ago. They can still enjoy the services and support they previously received from ADT’s staff. The company’s employees have largely remained the same and their pricing and packages have also remained unaltered since the acquisition.

If you are an existing ADT customer, you won’t need to do anything due to the company’s Telus acquisition. The company’s name may change on your bills. However, other aspects, such as your personal information, will automatically transfer over to the new company.

ADT’s Telus acquisition is advantageous as customers can avail of services under the broad umbrella that Telus already offers its Canadian customers. The company has been operating in Canada for many decades and has built up an excellent reputation for its telecom services. Telus has broadened its services by acquiring ADT and breaking into the home security services market.

The newly formed Telus SmartHome Security boasts over 500,000 customers and 1,000 staff across Canada. The company is focused on advancing its consumer health strategy, which includes assisting senior Canadians of all backgrounds.

As a Telus SmartHome Security customer, you can enjoy 24/7 residential monitoring for catastrophic events such as floods, fires, break-ins, and carbon monoxide leads. You can monitor and receive updates for all these events using the handy Telus SmartHome Security App.

these conveniences make Telus SmartHome Security an excellent choice for people who were already set on signing up for ADT’s security services. So consider visiting Telus’s website and signing up for their home security services and keeping your home safe in the event of break-ins and catastrophic events. The company offers a wide range of plans that are sure to fit every Canadian homeowner’s security needs.

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