How to Program the Telus Remote?

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Edgar asked 2 years ago
Hello everyone,
I apologize for the noob question, but I can’t understand how to program the Telus remote. Can someone please show me how to do it?
Many thanks

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admin Staff answered 2 years ago
An “Optik Slimline 2” remote can be a little fiddly to talk to your specific model of device. Fortunately, you will soon have control of your device after following these simple steps.

First, note the presence of two power different buttons along the top-most row on the remote. One of these buttons controls your television set, while the other controls your Optik receiver. Fortunately, those with the older Slimline 1 remote will be pleased to know that there is nothing different from the Slimeline 2’s process of learning a specific device’s “language.”

  1. To begin with, verify that your remote has an unobstructed path to reach your receiver. This means making sure that nothing, includng furniture, objects above a coffee table and so on is able to block the infrared directions firing from the remote’s sensor.
  2. Make sure that your digital receiver’s volume is at 25.
  3. Stand 6-8 feet away from the receiver.
  4. Verify that both the remote and the digital receiver are on.
  5. Press and hold your remote’s OPTIONS button for 3 seconds. Watch the LED near the Optik power button for two green flashes.
  6. Enter the four-digit code for your television or other device at this time. The LED next to the remote’s TV power button will blink red twice when a TV code is entered and will blink yellow twice for an amplifier. If this fails, use your remote code to generate another that might work and begin again.
  7. Press and hold the TV power button until your device powers off.
  8. Remove your finger and then press OK to confirm. You should see two blinks of red light from the TV power button’s LED.
  9. Press the TV power button to power on your TV.

Congratulations, you can now use your remote to communicate with your television set or amplifier.

If you cannot find a working device code, try this technique.

  • Press and hold Options for 3 seconds. The Optik power button’s LED should twice flash green.
  • Type 0029 for TVs, 0044 for DVD or Blu-Ray players or 0079 for amplifiers. The remote will brute-force a working code but this method can eat up to a quarter hour of your time.
  • The TV or AUX light will flash twice once you have synced devices.

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